Why does the cat lift its tail when you pet it?

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Although many people say that cats are independent animals, the truth is that they are very affectionate social animals when they gain confidence with us. If you have a cat and frequently spend time petting it, you have probably noticed that the cat raises its tail when you stroke its back.. ¿Why?

In this AnimalWised article we will explain what this position of the tail means. Keep reading and discover ¿Why does the cat lift its tail when you pet it?

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  1. Feline language and false beliefs
  2. What does it mean?
  3. The tail in feline communication

Feline language and false beliefs

The cats they communicate with us in many different ways, be it through meows, behavior, or body positions. In this case, we are faced with a very specific position: the cat crouches slightly and raises its tail.

Many people believe that this behavior is sexual since the cat usually reveals its most intimate parts. But that's not true. Even neutered cats lift their tails with pleasure when being petted. If you have doubts about whether or not your cat is spayed, visit the symptoms of a cat in heat.

What does it mean?

When cats acquire a posture and a close attitude they are trying to communicate the closeness or affection they feel towards us. However, if we observe a cat with a low and brown tail, we are probably facing a fearful, frightened or collected animal.

The odor exchange It is essential for feline communication, for this reason when they lift their tails, proximity and caresses take on another meaning: when the cat lifts its tail, it reveals its anal glands, which produce an identifiable and unique smell in each cat.

The meaning of the raised tail is not merely a "presentation " that the cat can make when meeting us or when getting acquainted with us: this behavior is carried out repeatedly as show of affection, complicity and great confidence what do you have with us.

The tail in feline communication

Although cats are able to use their tails to maintain balance, the truth is that they also express the different emotions using it.

  • High tail: This position denotes confidence, security and total control of the situation. Generally the cat shows a high tail in situations of comfort, happiness and well-being.
  • Tail attached to the body: This type of position indicates the opposite of the previous one: fear, distrust, uncertainty ... The cat is trying to go unnoticed in the situation in which it finds itself. It does not expose your personal information.
  • Ruffled tail: If we observe a cat with a swollen, thick and bristling tail, it will be better to leave there as soon as possible and leave privacy to the feline. This position of the tail is very easy to recognize and identify: our cat is angry.

However, there are many other factors that influence and help us better understand the gestural communication of our cat, such as the ears, the head, its body position ... Observing and fraternizing with our cat is the key to understanding ourselves with him..

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