Why adopt an elderly dog?

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Most people when adopting a dog prefer to opt for a young one or a puppy, always avoiding those who are of advanced age. Still, there are many people who decide the opposite, to give a dignified end to an elderly dog..

The behavior of elderly dogs will depend on each specific case but in general we can say that they are calm, affectionate and with a lot of love to offer..

In this AnimalWised article we want to emphasize the virtues of older dogs, for this reason we recommend that you continue reading this article about the the behavior of the elderly dog ​​and find out why you should adopt one.

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  1. The tranquility
  2. Senior dogs already know how to behave
  3. They are very affectionate!
  4. They have a definite character
  5. You will give him a worthy ending

1. The tranquility

If you are looking to adopt a new pet and you don't have a very active lifestyle elderly dogs are the best option. Although many breeds such as the Boxer retain an enviable vitality and energy, most elderly dogs stand out for their tranquility and serenity.

Their exercise needs are lower and, unlike puppy dogs, they enjoy the warmth that the home provides them with you. Generally your needs will suffice with eating, walking and sleeping. For that reason you will not need to be aware of him 24 hours. Older people or people with reduced mobility can better enjoy the rhythm of life of an elderly dog.

2. Senior dogs already know how to behave

As our dog ages our heart becomes more tender. And it is that adopting an elderly dog ​​changes the lives of many people. Their movements become slow and expensive but this fact will not matter to us very little because we will observe that they perfectly respect their space, relieve themselves where they should and do not bite what they should not..

In short, an elderly dog knows how to behave inside the home. Adopting an elderly dog ​​and taking care of him as he deserves is an honor and generates a satisfaction in the heart that many people do not know..

3. They are very loving!

It has always been said that the dog is man's best friend, and so it is, from which we can deduce that any dog ​​is willing and also delighted to receive our displays of affection. But this becomes even more noticeable in elderly dogs.

Elderly dogs do not offer practically any resistance to everything that happens in the environment and neither to what happens in the relationship with their human family. This means that although an older dog may seem absent on many occasions, it is also becomes more docile and with a greater willingness to receive affection.

If you like lap dogs, an elderly dog ​​is an excellent option.

4. They have a definite character

When we adopt a puppy dog, we really do not know what character it will have in its adult stage. On the contrary, an elderly dog ​​has a marked and defined character, so we will know whether or not it fits with our lifestyle and our own personality.

This factor can be very interesting also if we have other dogs at home, since we will know whether or not it fits with the personality of our other dogs, which must always be more or less similar.

5. You will give him a worthy ending

Elderly dogs are by far, those who suffer the most when being in a shelter or kennel. They are also the ones who sacrifice first, along with sick dogs. They perceive and suffer the lack of socialization with people, the lack of personalized attention or the cold and heat, which in many cases are not controlled as well as in a home.

Adopting a dog in its last stage of life is a act of kindness It is priceless, since we will be offering this dog a dignified last stage full of love, something essential

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