He plays music and teaches all young people who neglect their elders a lesson

Surely you have ever seen a situation in which a young man demonstrated a outrageous disregard for your grandparents or other seniors.

Many times the problem lies in the lack of empathy that many teens and post-teens have, too focused on their own world to see theor that one day it will be your reality.

For those who are able to see beyond their navel, the elderly are people to be protected and cared for as needed. People who, with their experience, can teach us more than we imagine, people who feel lonely and, on many occasions, physically weak. They are in a difficult stage of their life and need an extra dose of understanding and love. It is not so difficult to understand.

However, not only are young people away from them, there are also many adults who, with a fast pace of life, do not find time to dedicate to their parents. The relationship with the grandchildren grows cold and the emotional ties can even be diluted.

This is not always the case and there are people who are willing to show how important it is to take care of older people. Show them that we love them, treat them as our equals, give them moments of fun and leisure, distractions


In short, give them love.

That is what we want to show you today in the next video. In less than a month More than 17 million people have seen it and it is not surprising that it has gone viral because the tenderness that it gives off and the message it transmits brings a smile to anyone.

See how the young man in the video plays music and He takes his grandmother out to dance, treating her with all the care and delicacy that she deserves. If this doesn't soften your heart, nothing will.

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