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Although it is not always given the importance it deserves, a quality diet undoubtedly contributes to maintaining the good physical condition of our dog or cat. For this reason it is worth spending time choosing the best diet, adapted to its characteristics, reviewing different brands of feed at our fingertips. Among them, in this AnimalWised article we are going to present a Spanish brand. Thus, we will talk about I think NFNatcane for dogs and cats, its composition, varieties and price. Before starting, it should be noted that this brand sells its products directly, without intermediaries, which allows it to offer excellent value for money, as we will see. We will also share our opinion on these products.

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  1. What is NFNatcane?
  2. NFNatcane feed composition
  3. Varieties of feed NFNatcane
  4. Do we recommend the NFNatcane feed? - Opinions
  5. Price and where to buy NFNatcane feed

What is NFNatcane?

NFNatcane is the brand of the Canine Nutrition and Training company, which has almost 20 years of experience. As their name suggests, they are not only dedicated to food, but also work in the training sector, giving official training courses, behavior modification, nutrition, etc. All this experience has been turned into the creation of their feed for dogs and cats, the result of the work of nutrition experts in collaboration with educators, who know, first-hand, what are the needs that the feed must cover.

The NFNatcane feed it is made in Spain and it is based on the careful selection of raw materials, which are originally suitable for human consumption, and the formulations. This guarantees a high digestibility, with an optimal nutritional use of the nutrients. In its products, both for dogs and cats, you will only find natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives or dyes.

On the other hand, they make shipments to the entire peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Portugal and on their website they include a dose calculator so that we can establish, depending on the circumstances of our animal, the most appropriate daily ration. Next, we examine the composition of the NFNatcane feed.

NFNatcane feed composition

All NFNatcane products, as we advance, are made with natural ingredients. They are aware of the importance of a diet based on protein of animal origin, that is why meat and fish are the star products of its composition. Thus, the main ingredients include beef, duck, turkey, chicken and lamb. Among the fish we will find tuna, salmon, melva, trout, sardines, mackerel and little tuna. We can choose feed made only with fish, only with meat or with a combination of both. Some varieties also include eggs as a source of protein. It is important to note that the hydrolyzed proteins, which reduces its ability to cause allergic reactions.

They also have monoprotein feeds, that is, they only include a single source of protein. They are used for those specimens with some problem of intolerance or food allergy that require strict control of the diet to avoid adverse reactions.

As for carbohydrates, which can be incorporated dehydrated, they are preferred from vegetables like peas or tubers like potatoes. The reason is that cereals are not very well assimilated by dogs and cats, that is why we will find in the NFNatcane feed, in the search for a diet as natural as possible, a wide range of varieties without cereals or with brown rice, which is slow-absorbing and gluten-free.

The fruits and the vegetables they are also components that are added to complete the menu. It includes apple, blueberries, raspberries, currants, strawberries, zucchini, carrot or pumpkin. Other ingredients that we can find are Goji berries, known for their antioxidant, prebiotic and probiotic effect, brewer's yeast, chondroprotectors, omega 3 and 6 or taurine. As we can see, they are easily recognizable ingredients and not an endless list of substances with unknown names. This gives an idea of ​​its quality. For more information on this, do not hesitate to also visit these articles:

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In conclusion, the composition of NFNatcane feed guarantees a high percentage of animal protein, which ranges between 27 and 40%, depending on the variety we select, and constitutes the basis of good nutrition for dogs and cats..

Varieties of feed NFNatcane

At NFNatcane we find one range for cats and two for dogs. Any of the varieties, which are marketed in 3, 4 and 15 kg containers, meets the composition indicated in the previous section, so we can choose, with complete confidence, the one that best suits the circumstances of our specimen..

Starting with NFNatcane feeds for cats, the Health Gourmet option helps prevent the formation of urinary stones and favors the elimination of hairballs. Thanks to its fiber content and low fat content, it is suitable for sterilized specimens. Does not contain cereals.

For dogs NFNatcane offers two ranges. The first is the Gourmet, in which we can find the following varieties:

  • Beef and vegetables, with beef and vegetables, a single protein and without grains. Low in fat, it is suitable for medium-low activity specimens that need to maintain their weight.
  • Large breed gourmet It is for adult dogs weighing more than 22 kg and having a medium or medium-high activity. Offers special protection for cartilage and joints. Includes meat and fish and does not contain gluten, which could cause intolerances.
  • Gourmet puppy It is indicated for puppies over seven weeks and until they finish their growth. It is designed to take care of the digestive system and joints, keeping them healthy at this stage of development.
  • Select gourmet It is for adult dogs of less than 22 kg and medium or medium-high physical activity. It is made with a combination of meat and fish.
  • Small gourmet, As its name indicates, it is designed for small dogs that do not exceed 6 kg in weight. To facilitate its consumption, the size of the croquette is adjusted.

The other range of NFNatcane dog food is health, which offers these varieties:

  • Adult health It is for medium-high activity dogs. Protects the immune system and the heart. It is the best seller of this range.
  • Digestive plus hypoallergenic It is a product designed for dogs that have shown an intolerance or allergy to meat or cereals, that is why it is made with fish and without cereals. It is also aimed at maintaining the health of the mantle and joints.
  • Junior maxi It is the feed of choice for large breed puppies. Avoid too fast growth and include chondroprotectors. Discover what chondroprotectors are and what they are for in this other article.
  • Special retriever, As its name indicates, it is intended for adult retriever dogs. Contains just the right amount of fat to prevent overweight. It also protects the joints and eyesight, as well as the heart..
  • Maxi adult It is the feed for adult dogs of large breeds weighing more than 23 kg. Includes chondroprotectors and taurine for good heart health. The size of the kibble helps prevent tartar.
  • Salmon plus It is designed for adult dogs that require special skin and coat care, which is why its omega 3 and 6 content stands out. It is recommended from 14 months.
  • Working dog It is for dogs with high energy requirements, pregnant dogs, working dogs or dogs that need a digestible diet and that takes care of the intestinal flora.
  • Protein and fit It is suitable for adult dogs that need a special protein intake due to physical constitution, intense sports practice or pathology that requires increasing their muscle mass.
  • Fit It is for sedentary adult dogs. Controls the contribution of fat and calories, so it can be offered to dogs with a tendency to be overweight.
  • Senior It is the variety for dogs older than seven years. Includes antioxidants and joint protectors to control aging and mobility. In addition, the size of the kibble is reduced.
  • Junior fish It does not contain cereals and for puppies that do not tolerate them. Also good for dogs with chicken protein problems.

Do we recommend the NFNatcane feed? - Opinions

NFNatcane feed is among the best quality-price ratio for dogs due to its composition and competitive prices, which we will see in the next section. Likewise, the variety for felines is also part of our list of the best natural feeds for cats for the same reasons. For all this, and after carefully analyzing the composition of the NFNatcane feed, we do recommend this brand in any of its varieties.

However, we not only advise trying this brand of feed for dogs and cats because we consider that its composition is more than acceptable, but also because several of the dogs and cats that are part of the AnimalWised team have been testing it for years. The results in our animals have been a shiny and soft coat, a correct weight, totally controlled tartar formation (this not only depends on the diet, but it is true that it influences) and, in general, a great acceptance. Because the main ingredients are hydrolyzed meat and fish, we speak of palatable and palatable feed.

Price and where to buy NFNatcane feed

After analyzing the composition of NFNatcane feed and knowing our opinion about it, you may wonder where to buy it and what is its price. Well, the NFNatcane feed for dogs and cats is marketed through its own website, without any kind of intermediary. This allows the prices of their food to be much more adjusted and competitive, which is why prices fluctuate between € 15.50 and € 47.50, depending on the number of kg and the variety.

Remember that you can find bags of 3, 4 and 15 kg. In addition, although the prices of the NFNatcane feed are more than acceptable considering its quality, it should be noted that on the website itself they offer they have a "promotions " section, where you will find different discounts that you can apply. Visit NFNatcane.es and do not hesitate to consult all their offers.

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