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Natura Diet feed is one of the various products offered by the DingoNatura company, founded in Spain in 2001. This brand bases its work methodology on a quality food that helps improve the health of domestic animals, therefore, its staff include engineers, veterinarians and nutritionists. Likewise, the company stands out for its ecological commitment manufacturing, feeding and product selection.

But, ¿What does Natura Diet really offer us?? ¿What is its composition, analytical and nutritional quality? In this AnimalWised article we will review the different dog foods offered by the Natura Diet range: original, specialties and grain free. We will evaluate the most popular products and share current opinions that we can find on the net. ¿It is worth the I think Natura Diet? ¡Find out!

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  1. DingoNatura: Opinions
  2. I think Natura Diet: Original
  3. I think Natura Diet: Grain Free
  4. I think Natura Diet: Specialties
  5. Natura Diet: Opinions and conclusion

DingoNatura: Opinions

Without a doubt, DingoNatura is one of the highest rated brands on the net, since its average on Amazon is 4.9 / 5 stars (with verified purchase), while on Google it is about 4.6 / 5 stars. In any case, in general, tutors perceive in this brand of dog food a local, quality and pleasing product your dogs and / or cats. In most cases they repeat the purchase of the same product or acquire another of the same brand.

We will review the composition of dog food, valuing the ingredients and the percentages according to the analytics, but we will also explain the benefits or the price range. All this will be contrasted by the FEDIAF Nutrition Guides and the information shared in "Nutritional adequacy of foods " by María Villagrasa.

I think Natura Diet: Original

The first Natura Diet feed that we are going to mention is that of the Original range, a classic that continues to be a success in terms of sales. It is made up of the following products:

  • Natura Diet Starter
  • Natura Diet Junior
  • Natura Diet Junior Mini
  • Natura Diet Junior Large Breed
  • Natura Diet Daily Food
  • Natura Diet Daily Food Mini
  • Natura Diet Food Maxi
  • Natura Diet Lamb & Rice
  • Natura Diet Lamb & Rice Mini
  • Natura Diet Fish & Rice
  • Natura Diet Iberico & Rice
  • Natura Diet 4,800
  • Natura Diet +7

The price The approximate 500 g Natura Diet Original bag is around € 5, the 3 kg bag around € 20 and the 12 kg bag is around € 50.

We observe that the croquettes are formulated according to stage and weight of the animal, in some cases also taking into account the Type of food you want to provide the guardian, such as chicken, fish, or lamb. In this way, the croquettes are totally elaborated taking into account the different needs that an individual may present, either by size, condition, caloric need or food of preference..

Next we are going to evaluate one of the most consumed products, the Natura Diet Daily Food, that guarantees eye health, healthy joints, digestibility, delayed aging, prevention of senile disorders, an adequate weight, good intestinal health, good coat and skin health, immune reinforcement, dental health and optimal muscular activity. It is also hypoallergenic. Let's take a closer look at the product:

The type of food and its percentage are clearly indicated. We observe that chicken meat is dehydrated, something very positive, as it means that it contains the exact amount indicated. On the contrary, when the product is fresh, it tends to lose some weight during the cooking process. Likewise, the fact that it is dehydrated does not mean that it is of worse quality..

The next food is rice, a higher quality product than wheat, present in many commercial feed. Some interesting foods on the list are salmon oil, brewer's yeast, krill extract, and probiotics. The percentage of protein is ideal for a healthy adult dog, however, the contribution of oils and fats is practically half of what is advisable.

I think Natura Diet: Grain Free

The next Natura Diet feed that we are going to mention is the Grain Free range, which has become hugely popular since its launch. It is made up of the following products:

  • Natura Diet Baby Natural Recipe
  • Natura Diet Salmon & Coconut Natural Recipe
  • Natura Diet Chicken & Vegs Natural Recipe

The price of a 3 kg Natura Diet Grain Free bag is around € 20, while the price of a 12 kg Natura Diet Grain Free bag is around € 70 approximately.

We see that are not formulated by weight or age, Rather, they are generic, so the size of the kibbles will be the same for a small-sized dog as for a giant-sized one. We understand, yes, that the specific feed for puppies will have a smaller size and designed for small dogs..

We will assess the composition and analytics of the product Salmon & Coconut Natural Recipe, a hypoallergenic feed, ideal for intestinal health, immune reinforcement, high digestibility, and healthy hair and skin. Let's take a closer look at the product:

The type of food and its percentage are clearly indicated. The order warns us that the amount of fish is slightly higher than the next most abundant food, the potato. Even so the crude protein intake is considered adequate. We also see some very interesting products classified as "superfood ": coconut oil, salmon oil, spirulina, probiotics, krill extract or bone broth, among others. In any case, we consider that fat intake is slightly lower than recommended.

I think Natura Diet: Specialties

We finished evaluating the Natura Diet feed with its range of specialties, specially formulated for certain health problems. It is made up of the following products:

  • Natura Diet Light -10% Calories
  • Natura Diet Reduced -20 Calories
  • Natura Diet Odontic

The price of a 500 gram Natura Diet Specialties bag of feed is around € 5, the 3 kg bag around € 20 and the 12 kg bag between € 50 and € 60 approximately.

As in the previous case, we see that are not formulated by weight or age of the individual, which means that all the kibbles are the same size, even when they should be offered to a toy dog ​​and a giant dog. That can be inconvenient..

We will assess the composition and analytics of the product Reduced -20 Calories, a feed formulated specifically for animals that are overweight. We observe that it is suitable for eye health, for healthy joints, that it has a high digestibility, that it delays aging or that it is hypoallergenic among other important details. Let's take a closer look at the product:

We observe that the first ingredient is dehydrated turkey, a very suitable product for overweight dogs due to its low fat content. Likewise, it is also positive that the turkey is dehydrated, which guarantees that the percentage will not vary. Following, we find brown rice, a much more advisable product than white rice, since carbohydrates are released more slowly and help generate more energy, in turn providing fiber.

It also has healthy fats, like duck oil, salmon oil, or whole egg. Other interesting products are spirulina, beets or krill extract. Generally, the percentages of protein, fat and fiber are adequate for an overweight dog.

Natura Diet: Opinions and conclusion

In general, after reviewing the composition and analytics of the Natura Diet feed in various of its dog foods, we consider that it is a quality product, both for the ingredients and its ecological commitment. Likewise, its composition and analytics are totally correct, despite some small details mentioned. Although there are products that may be of superior quality in the market, without a doubt Natura Diet exceeds the generic average that we can find.

To choose the ideal product, we advise you to analyze the needs of our dog, his condition and state of health, only then will we find the one that best suits our best friend. We will follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding the dosage table mentioned on the packaging and on the web or any other relevant detail. In case of doubt we will always consult with our veterinarian trustworthy.

Oh, and to finish, we leave you contrasted opinions that we have found on the web:

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