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One of the main concerns that assail us as owners of dogs arises when we see that they take something from overweight. We immediately jumped in to buy that I think light how good it promises. ¿Light dog food is really the solution?

In this matter, as in so many others related to the world of dogs, the important thing is to think of them with the same criteria that we would follow with ourselves. It is true that proper nutrition is basic, but is it the only important thing? Many times, the sedentary lifestyle affects our animals as much as people, especially dogs. So it is essential that we dedicate the time it takes to take them to a park to exercise regularly; an activity that will also help us to disconnect.

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  • The composition of the feed is the key

The composition of the feed is the key

Are the light feed or do they go from being a panacea? Instead of buying the first one that appears on the supermarket shelf, we must stop at a specialized store to choose the appropriate one. Not only will we find a larger catalog to choose from, but we will also advise on the composition of each feed and all this with the comfort of doing it from home.

One of the main problems with dog food that is sold as light is that it is designed only to make our dogs lose weight, with high fiber and cereal content. Maybe it will help you lose those extra kilos, of course, and they will also satisfy you sooner, but they will not provide you with the sustenance and nutrition you need. In the long run, this can lead to health problems and weaknesses that are noticed in the hair and nails, something that can be especially relevant if we have just castrated our pet, since it will precisely need to recover all the possible energy.

¿We must therefore avoid light feed? Not necessarily, but be very selective, read its composition well and have no qualms if we have to spend a few extra euros in order to buy the most appropriate.

Summary Article Name I think light for dogs Description One of the concerns that assail us as dog owners arises when we see that they gain something overweight. Does light feed help? Author Natalia

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