I think KOME - Composition, ingredients and opinions

KOME is a new brand of natural food for dogs and cats made in Spain. This brand aims to provide a balanced and healthy diet with certified quality ingredients. However, the most striking thing about KOME is its altruism, since they allocate the 10% of each purchase from associations in defense of animals.

¿Do you want to know more about this new brand of feed? Keep reading this AnimalWised article and we will tell you about I think KOME, its composition, ingredients and opinions.

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  1. What is KOME and how does it work?
  2. KOME feed composition
  3. KOME feed varieties
  4. Opinions about KOME feed
  5. Price and where to buy I think KOME

What is KOME and how does it work?

KOME is a brand of natural feed for both dogs and cats made in Spain with 100% natural ingredients and suitable for human consumption, which have been made with local raw materials, have certified quality and, most importantly: they have a veterinary formulation.

However, as we have mentioned, probably the most striking of all is that KOME is a caring brand for animals, since donate 10% of their profits to associations in defense of pets. At the moment, they have donated more than 2,600 kg of food for dogs and cats to the following associations:

  • ALBA Association (Madrid).
  • Triple A Animal Shelter and Association (Marbella).
  • Benjamin Mehnert Foundation (Malaga).
  • Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Malaga (Malaga).
  • Vega Association (Malaga).
  • AmarPPP (Malaga).
  • Protectora Modepran (Valencia).
  • Animal Rescue Granada (Granada).
  • ASOKA Association (Orihuela).
  • Happy Animals Spanien (Orihuela).
  • APADAC (Alicante).
  • Animal Protector of Torrevieja (Torrevieja).

In this way, when buying KOME feed, you will not only make your companion animal happy, but you will also be helping different associations in defense of companion animals..

The photo that we show below is of the donation made to Rescate Animal Granada with Martita de Graná.

KOME feed composition

KOME feeds are 100% free of GMOs, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives. Plus, they have a gluten-free variety.

Main ingredients

In summary, the main components of KOME feed are the following:

  • Food for Adult Dogs with Chicken and Lamb: 20% hydrolyzed chicken meat, 15% dehydrated lamb and 7% dehydrated fish.
  • Cereal Free Feed with Chicken, Tuna and Vegetables: 32% hydrolyzed chicken meat, 10% dehydrated tuna, 20% potatoes and vegetables (peas, carrots and leeks).
  • Mini Dog Food with Chicken and Salmon: 25% hydrolyzed chicken, 3% salmon, 15% brown rice and less than 60% vegetable protein extracts (pea, corn, potato)
  • I think for Puppy Dogs with Chicken and Rice: 25% hydrolyzed chicken and 80% animal protein from chicken, duck and turkey.
  • Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna: 30% hydrolyzed chicken, brown rice (15%), potato protein, peas, animal protein (80% chicken, duck and turkey).

Food preservation processes

It is also important to note that KOME uses two types of processes to preserve meat: hydrolyzation and dehydration. Dehydration is one of the most common preservation processes in feed, where water molecules are removed from the feed. On the other hand, hydrolyzing or hydrolysis adds, on the other hand, water molecules to the food, in addition to bacteria, enzymes, acid or alkalis, in a way that allows its good conservation and, in turn, facilitate digestion of cats or dogs. Furthermore, hydrolysis enhances the taste of food, a very important detail among animal guardians.

Ash percentage

Analyzing their composition, we have observed that they have between 7 and 8.5% ash, which are the charred remains of food, which, we must remember, are healthy for our pets, as they are rich in minerals. Of course, in its fair measure. Taking into account that the percentages of ash in a balanced diet must be between 6 and 11%, we could deduce that, in the case of KOME, the percentage of ashes is not excessively low (the lower the percentage, the higher the food quality), but it is not very high either. Therefore, we would be facing a feed of medium-high quality.

Nutritional additives

On the other hand, all their feed is enriched (except slight variations) with:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Taurine
  • L-lysine
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Chondroitin
  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6

Croquettes size

Of special mention are also its croquettes, which are little size even that of feed for adult dogs and cats, which is also ideal for senior dogs, who tend to have more problems, on many occasions, with the size of the kibbles. As a guide, the sizes of the croquettes go from 5 to 15 mm.

KOME feed varieties

Within the KOME feed, we find some varieties:

I think for Adult Dogs with Chicken and Lamb

We can choose between 3 and 12 kg. In addition to containing chicken, lamb and brown rice, it has a contribution of omega 3 and 6, prebiotics FOS and MOS and chondroprotectors.

Its veterinary formulation has been elaborated with the aim of strengthen joints and bones of adult dogs, as well as achieving healthy skin and a lush coat. On the other hand, its formula has been created to guarantee good digestion and protect, at the same time, the immune system.

I think without cereals with chicken, tuna and vegetables

Of this variety of feed KOME is only available in 12 kg. It has a formula hypoallergenic Grain-free and gluten-free flavored with chicken, tuna, potatoes, peas, carrots and leeks to promote good digestion. In addition, it has an extra supply of omega 3 and 6, prebiotics FOS and MOS and chondroprotectors.

This I think is aimed at dogs with stomach tenderness or for those who follow grain-free diets. In addition, it is specially formulated to improve the immune system of our companion animals..

Mini Dog Food with Chicken and Salmon

Like the previous one, of this variety of KOME there is only one quantity available, in this case of 3 kg. Flavored with chicken and salmon, the mini dog food is enriched with brown rice and vegetable proteins from peas, corn and potatoes, and also has a contribution of omega 3 and 6, prebiotics FOS and MOS and chondroprotectors.

The veterinary formulation of this feed aims to achieve regulate energy of the dog, to clean his skin and a strong and shiny coat. At the same time, it strengthens your immune system and digestive health, since their croquettes only measure 6 mm.

I think for Puppy Dogs with Chicken and Rice

At KOME they also have a feed of 3 kg specially formulated for puppies with a chicken and rice flavor, which also has an extra supply of omega 3 and 6, prebiotics FOS and MOS and chondroprotectors.

KOME's Food for Puppy Dogs with Chicken and Rice strengthens bones, muscles and teeth of the puppies. It is also formulated for healthy skin and shiny hair, as well as boosting your immune system and providing you with a very smooth digestion.

Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna

Available only in bags of 3 kg, The Cat Food with Chicken and Tuna has been formulated for sterilized cats of any size with a chicken and tuna flavor and a high protein content.

KOME cat food will help to maintain the weight control in our feline, healthy skin and shiny hair. In turn, it will control hairballs in your stomach, boost your immune system, and protect your urinary tract..

Opinions about KOME feed

At AnimalWised we have had the chance to test for a week various types of KOME feed, 3 for dogs and 1 for cats. This has been our experience.

Opinions about KOME feed for dogs

We have been able to test adult feed, mini feed and puppy feed with Maya, a 5-year-old English Cocker Spaniel positive for leishmania who was previously being fed Ownat brand feed, another natural feed for dogs..

The first thing we could see is that Maya enjoyed eating, especially the Mini Dog Food with Chicken and Salmon, which initially generated a very positive opinion. We have also verified that eat more kibble than with Ownat brand feed, despite the fact that the portions have been the same.

On the other hand, there has not been any type of alteration in his stool and the coat looks good. However, a week is not enough time to determine the effect of a feed on the animal's coat..

Opinions about KOME food for cats

On the other hand, we have tested KOME cat food with Meuli, a common 10-year-old European cat with obesity problems who regularly consumed Royal Canin cat food..

As with Maya, we have been able to verify that Meuli has been fascinated by the flavor of the feed. We have also noticed that it has made bowel movements more regularly, which is a good sign, since it seems that the feed has facilitated the intestinal tract.

On the other hand, both his feces and his mantle had good aspect. As for the hairballs, Meuli hasn't had any, which is positive. However, it is important to clarify that your previous feed was specially formulated to prevent hairballs..

Regarding the control of the feline's weight, it is too early to know if KOME, together with exercise and other veterinary guidelines, would help him lose weight.


We therefore deduce that KOME is a brand of natural feed from mid-high range and suitable for all pockets. Their croquettes are very tasty for our pets, probably because it is largely hydrolyzed food. The size of the feed is also suitable for dogs and cats of any age. Also, it looks like a very transparent mark, since both the back of the feed bags and their website show the percentages of the ingredients, the nutritional additives and the analytical components very clearly. On the other hand, the fact that they donate part of their profits to different associations speaks volumes about their love for animals. Without a doubt, KOME is a brand that we recommend at AnimalWised.

Price and where to buy I think KOME

The price of KOME feed varies depending on the variety and weight. In this way, the prices would be the following:

  • Food for Adult Dogs with Chicken and Lamb: € 10.99 (3 kg) and € 38.99 (12 kg).
  • I think without cereals with chicken, tuna and vegetables: € 54.99 (12 kg).
  • Mini Dog Food with Chicken and Salmon: € 11.99 (3 kg).
  • I think for Puppy Dogs with Chicken and Rice: € 14.99 (3 kg).
  • Food for Cats with Chicken and Tuna: € 13.99 (3 kg).

We can find KOME feed in more than 70 establishments from all over Spain, although there is also the possibility of buying directly through its website. In addition, their deliveries are very fast: 24 hours if we place the order before 12:00 h, and 48 hours after 12:00 h. Shipping is free from € 35; For all other orders, the shipping fee is € 3.90.

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