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In this AnimalWised article we are going to talk about a well-known animal feed brand. This is Hill 's. Specifically, we will review the composition and varieties of I think Hill 's for dogs and cats.

We will also check that they have a range for veterinary use, that allows feeding animals with specific ailments, such as kidney disease or digestive disorders, of course, as long as the vet prescribes it.

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  1. Origin of Hill 's brand
  2. I think Hill 's for dogs
  3. I think Hill 's for cats
  4. Composition of Hill 's feed for dogs and cats
  5. Opinion on Hill 's feed for dogs and cats

Origin of Hill 's brand

Hill 's is an American company that began in 1939. Dedicated to animal nutrition, its founder was the veterinarian Mark Morris. His philosophy was to offer a quality feed for animals, since he considered it a basic pillar to improve their life expectancy and provide them with a healthy existence. Morris, as a veterinarian, had had the opportunity to verify the relationship between the diet of his patients and their health.

In this sense, and with the aim of correcting this problem, your brand has a special impact on the diet formulation that serve as part of the treatment of different diseases. In fact, on the company's website they explain that the inspiration came to Dr. Morris when he met Buddy, a German shepherd dog with kidney disease who was a guide for a blind person. Looking for a diet that would favor the care of his kidneys, since there was none in the market, Hill 's was born, with a first product made by Morris, together with his wife, in the kitchen of your own home. Thus, the first feed of the brand was what is now known as Prescription Diet k / d.

A few years later, in 1948, he joined the Hill 's company, which could package his food, taking the first step of the brand, which was renamed Hill 's Pet Nutrition. Over the years, the range and research has expanded, also developing food for healthy animals. The company passed into the hands of the founder's son and currently has more than 50 varieties. Each of them is carefully formulated by a team of veterinarians and nutritionists and only ingredients that meet their quality standards are used. The entire manufacturing process is also audited.

As a curiosity, Hill 's has facilities in which it houses 450 dogs and 450 cats to test their products. Of course, the animals are cared for following the criteria of animal welfare and they do not undergo any invasive study that could cause them discomfort. On the other hand, Hill 's collaborates with protective associations, offering Hill 's feed for dogs and cats and helping the adoption of these animals. They also have wet food and a range of prizes.

I think Hill 's for dogs

Hill 's dog and cat food offers three different ranges to meet the nutritional needs of animals during all stages of their life, whether they are sick or healthy. These are the varieties for dogs:

  • Science Plan: would be the generic range. It encompasses varieties for dogs of all ages, from puppies to adults of different sizes and older specimens. They also have varieties without cereals and for different vital situations, such as stress, mobility problems, digestive problems or being overweight. It can be chosen, according to its ingredients, between chicken, lamb or tuna.
  • Prescription Diet: the products in this range are intended for dogs of different sizes that suffer from diseases, so they can only be prescribed by veterinarians. They are food for dogs with diabetes, obesity, food allergies, dermatological, mobility, liver, kidney, digestive or urinary problems. Varieties can also be found to combat more than one disease at the same time. There are options with both meat and fish.
  • Vet Essentials: is a range that offers what they consider five essential benefits for canine health, depending on the life stage or any special need that the dog expresses. There are options for puppies and adults and for spayed dogs or with dental problems. A grain-free variety can also be chosen.

I think Hill 's for cats

As for the ranges, there are no differences in Hill 's feed for dogs and cats. Thus, these are also the options available to our feline companions:

  • Science Plan: range that offers varieties for kittens and cats of all ages. Different circumstances are also considered, such as sterilization, urinary problems, being overweight, aging or the prevention of hairballs. They also have versions without cereals. They are made with chicken, duck, tuna or lamb.
  • Prescription Diet: it is the range of veterinary prescription that our veterinarian can only prescribe if the cat suffers from any pathology such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid, digestive, liver, kidney, urinary or joint problems, as well as food sensitivity. Some varieties are even used to treat several pathologies at the same time. They can be found with meat or fish.
  • Vet Essentials: offers advanced nutrition based on five benefits that they consider key. There are options for kittens and adults and for specimens with dental or spayed problems. They also have a grain-free option.

Composition of Hill 's feed for dogs and cats

Logically, the composition will undergo variations depending on the product we choose. As it is the first feed produced by the brand, we are going to take as an example the famous k / d, for feeding dogs with kidney disease. Belongs to the Prescription Diet range and it is done with:

  • Cereals.
  • Oils.
  • Fats.
  • Eggs and egg products.
  • Vegetable protein extracts.
  • Meat and animal by-products.
  • Minerals.

What this feed focuses on is controlling the quantity and quality of the protein provided. This is because in this disease it is necessary to avoid an excess of proteins that would cause overload in the kidneys. Hence this composition. For more information, you can consult this other article on Composition of dog food.

As a counterpoint, we can review the ingredients of the range Science Plan with Chicken for Adult Cats. In this case, components such as:

  • Chicken and turkey meal.
  • Wheat.
  • Corn.
  • Animal fat.
  • Rice.
  • Minerals.
  • Fish oil.
  • Vitamins.
  • Taurine.

In this case, the percentage of protein is higher, as corresponds to the needs of a healthy adult cat. For more information, you can consult this other article on Composition of cat food.

Opinion on Hill 's feed for dogs and cats

In the last few months I have bought two varieties of Hill 's: the famous k / d for adult dogs with kidney failure and a more recent one, the Gastrointestinal Biome for adult dogs with gastrointestinal problems. Specifically, we chose the k / d mobility, that, in addition to caring for the renal system, it is also recommended for dogs with joint problems, since my dog, an 11-year-old mongrel and 26 kg of weight, seemed to present both disorders. The Biome variety was prescribed by the vet as part of the treatment for an elderly female dog who had had intermittent loose stools for more than a month.

In both cases the dogs adapted to the feed perfectly and ate it eagerly. Although for them it does not have much merit, because they do not usually disgust anything. The good consistency of your bowel movements gives us an idea of ​​digestibility. This aspect is especially important in the gastrointestinal variety. The bitch that had been suffering for weeks with derangements did not take 48 hours to eliminate completely normal feces again and remained in perfect condition with only the feed, once the treatment was finished.

The two dogs, after a few weeks of feeding with these feeds, were able to consume a senior variety corresponding to their age again. It is important to remember that the Prescription Diet range can only be prescribed by the veterinarian. Some dogs will have to consume it throughout their lives, while in others this consumption will be temporary.

Honestly, as a first choice I prefer to choose feeds that have meat as the first ingredient. But in diseases where nutrition is essential, the composition, in my opinion, is behind its efficiency and this seems amply contrasted in Hill 's Prescription Diet feeds.

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