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The health of our furry ones depends, to a great extent, on their diet. For this reason, it is very important that we choose the best feed for them, taking into account its composition and the quality of the ingredients with which it is made. For example, we must choose a feed composed of ingredients suitable for human consumption, thus avoiding giving it waste such as beaks and legs that usually appear in low-quality feed. In addition, the main ingredient must be meat and / or fish, ensuring a high intake of animal protein..

Currently, some brands are committed to making personalized food for dogs, taking into account their specific nutritional needs. The I think Happets is one of them. It is made in Spain and is sent home every month. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about it, including its composition, its price and how to get it..

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  1. What is Happets and how does it work?
  2. Happets feed composition
  3. Price of Happets feed and where to buy it

What is Happets and how does it work?

Happets is a brand of I think personalized for dogs which is sold only on their website. It is prepared by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians who previously study the energy and nutritional needs of our dog. In this way, they prepare an individualized feed for each furry one taking into account their size, race, sex, weight, health status, activity level and food preferences..

In addition, Happets makes sure that our dog only consumes the amount of nutrients he needs to maintain or reach his ideal weight. To do this, they calculate the kilos of personalized food for the dog in question that it should consume throughout the month. Likewise, with the first order they send a measuring cup and they tell us the exact amount of food that the dog should take daily. In addition, if our friend has any type of health problem, his team will be in charge of adapting the food to his illness, avoiding those ingredients that can harm him..

To place an order we must register on the Happets website with our email. First of all, they ask us the name of the dog and all its characteristics. If it is a mongrel animal, we must even indicate a series of characteristics about its hair and its constitution. So they can know exactly what food you need. Finally, they ask us about their food preferences, being able to select one of these flavors: beef, lamb, chicken or salmon.

Finally, taking into account the characteristics that we indicate, your team of professionals will advise us on their food for free and will prepare a personalized meal for our dog. In just 2 or 3 days, a bag of freshly prepared food will arrive at our house, with the exact amount that we will need for a month. After the first order and if we wish, we will continue to receive a sack of feed per month, being able to change the day and time of your arrival whenever we need it.

Happets feed composition

Now that we know how it works, let's see what the composition of Happets feed is. Since it is a completely personalized diet, the exact composition depends on each dog. However, all their products have something in common: the ingredients are natural and of high quality.

The The main ingredient is always meat or fish, which can be fresh or frozen. We can choose between beef, lamb, chicken or fish, or vary each month, according to the preferences of our dog. Due to the importance of meat in this feed, its protein content of animal origin is very high and represents between 25 and 35% of the nutrients. This fact is very important, since it is a fundamental nutrient for the health of dogs..

As for the carbohydrate content, it is also quite high in Happets feed. Its purpose is to provide the dogs with all the energy they need. Among the ingredients rich in carbohydrates we can find easily digestible cereals, such as rice or corn, as well as legumes and potatoes. What's more, we can choose a grain-free nutrition, if we wish or if our dog has some type of digestive sensitivity or intolerance.

As for additives, Happets feed lacks artificial flavorings and colorants. Their feed naturally generates appetite, due to its high quality ingredients. In addition, they make the feed only a few days before sending it to our house, so it maintains its natural smells and flavors. Happets' food also does not contain sugar, a very harmful ingredient for dogs that usually appears in other lower quality feed.

To find out what details you should look at to assess the composition of a feed, do not miss this other article: "Composition of feed for dogs ".

Price of Happets feed and where to buy it

Happets can only be purchased through their website. The price of Happets feed depends on each dog, especially on the ingredients and the amount of food it needs. For this reason, they present 4 ranges of indicative price according to the weight of the dogs. They are as follows:

  • Toy dogs (0-5 kg): between € 10 and € 15.
  • Small dogs (5-10 kg): between € 15 and € 25.
  • Medium dogs (10-25 kg): between € 25 and € 40.
  • Large dogs (more than 25 kg): between € 40 and € 65.

Regarding the Shipping costs, they are completely free, So we don't have to worry about unexpected surprises. The price that they indicate to us during the purchase is always the final price.

Currently, they offer a discount on the first order so you can have the opportunity to try it and, if your dog likes it, receive it every month. In addition, all AnimalWised readers can enjoy a 5% extra discount on the first purchase of Happets. To do this, you just have to enter the EXPERTOANIMAL code in the section of promotions and discounts. But, ¿how to do it? Go to their Happets website, sign up and tell them all about your best friend. They will take care of the rest.

If you still have doubts, you can visit the Happets instagram account, where you can check the opinions of their customers and see many Happets Lovers enjoying their personalized food. If you finally decide on this I think, ¡do not forget to tell us what your dog thought to leave us your opinions about Happets!

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