Poisonous fish that walks? Yes it walks!

Until today we knew that fish swam, horses ran and eagles flew. However, after watching this video we will have to start to clarify a little more.

It is not only that the fish swim, but they can also walk. As strange as it may seem, you read that right, some fish walk too. Or at least that's what a fish does off the coast of Bali, in Indonesia.

The Stroll, or walking fish, appears to be a needle fish, encompassed within the stonefish, belonging to the Synanceiidae family. These fish are considered the most poisonous.

However, the specific species that we see in the video is at least disturbing. His pectoral movements are diverse, so instead of swimming, rather walk.

This walking on the sand may be due to hunting reasons, since it seems that your taste buds could be related to this way of walking. Experts agree that the best way to find out more about this specimen is by studying it closely. Either way, seeing it in action is unsettling, or have you ever seen something like it??

Source: National Geographic

Summary Article Name Fish Walk and We Didn't Know It Description This strange specimen of marlin can walk on sand. We didn't know that fish could walk, but it turns out they can. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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