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When we want to adopt a dog we must take into account various factors. One very important one, if we have children, is to welcome a dog that is patient, gets along well with the little ones and supports without aggression the mischief that children's minds are capable of plotting. If we do not have a very spacious apartment, and this factor also counts, the solution will be to adopt a small dog. Of course, we will always have to inform our son / daughter so that he knows how to interact with the dog without hurting him. Remember that the adoption of dogs teaches your children values, responsibility and rapport.

In AnimalWised we will show you some small dog breeds for kids that combine both factors: size and character. Of course, the mixture of these breeds can also be ideal for children, so we encourage you to visit the shelters and shelters in search of a dog that meets the characteristics that we will see throughout the article. Read on to discover the best dogs for kids.

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  1. Pug or pug
  2. Bichon frize
  3. Prague Mouse
  4. Coton de Tuléar
  5. Toy poodle and dwarf
  6. Maltese bichon
  7. Pomeranian
  8. Little lion dog
  9. Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  10. Cavachon
  11. Maltipoo
  12. Other small dogs ideal for children

Pug or pug

If what you need is a small and quiet dog for children, the pug is perfect. The pug or pug is a very gentle small breed of dog, ideal for living with children. He is not particularly active, although he is affectionate and cuddly. His sweet looks and loyalty will make him become the best friend any child would wish to have..

One thing that we must always bear in mind is that any animal, as with people, has its own idiosyncrasies. In this article we will talk about the usual strokes of the breed and its general suitability. The pug, then, because of its tendency to show calm and unalterable, it's a great little dog versus kids option. Of course, you should know that the pug can suffer respiratory problems from excessive exercise or excessive heat. Supervise the animal and always explain these particular details of the breed to your child to ensure that the animal is well..

Bichon frize

The Bichon Frize is a small dog with an excellent size. It is ideal for living with children in confined spaces, since it does not exceed 4 kg. In addition to being very beautiful and furry, it is a particularly obedient dog. Of course, it is more active than the previous dog, so that with the bichon frize your children will enjoy running around and discovering the world together. It has a half-life of 12 years together with a sociable and jovial character.

Formerly, it was used as a circus dog, or for shows in general, due to its ability to get on two legs. If we teach our child what positive reinforcement consists of, he will surely learn to train him in a very fun way.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Bichon Frize can get excessively dirty and will need go to the canine stylist for regular cuts. ¡Keep this in mind before adopting one!

Prague Mouse

The Prague mouse is considered one of the smallest dogs in the world. It does not exceed 2.5 kg and its lively, intelligent and active character make it a great lover of games and exercise. It is the perfect dog for the most active and inexhaustible children as it is tremendously athletic. Of course, due to its size, it is also a more fragile dog, so it is not recommended if children are very young because they could accidentally hurt it..

In addition, it is also very intelligent and obedient. You can explain to your children basic obedience tricks and help them put them into practice to stimulate this small but amazing dog. Likewise, and as with the aforementioned dog breeds, you must make sure that the child understands that it is a very small and fragile animal, so a bad fall or blow can cause severe damage and, therefore, a really expensive visit to the vet.

Coton de Tuléar

The Coton de Tuléar dog lives an average of 15 years and does not exceed 4 kg. Her character outgoing and cheerful make it another of the best dogs for children, in this case of all ages. However, the ideal for this breed is for the house to have a small garden.

The Coton de Tuléar is a dog somewhat nervous and moved, That is why we recommend that you have a small garden, patio or terrace. In addition, it is characterized by being soft like cotton and by being very playful, so it will not despise a minute of the company of your children.

It is also a breed that will need periodic coat care, so you should take this into account before adopting it. Also, if you don't get enough exercise, you can start to become nervous and even stressed. Regular walks and physical activity will be essential to adopt a dog of this breed.

Toy poodle and dwarf

Both the toy poodle and the toy poodle are ideal small dogs for children because of their size and character. Also, if you are looking for noble dogs for children, ¡the poodle can be the perfect companion for your child! Starting with the toy, does not exceed 2.5 kg, therefore, as with the Prague mouse, it is not recommended for very young children. The toy poodle, instead, it usually weighs from 4 to 7 kg, so that it is more suitable for children of all ages.

Both types of poodle or poodle stand out for being Very intelligent, as they are ranked number two on Stanley Coren's list of smartest dogs. Therefore, they are very easy to train, obedient and faithful dogs. This breed loves to learn new tricks and keep their minds active, so it is a good idea to have children participate in their education and play sessions..

It should also be noted that they are somewhat eccentric dogs, as they love to receive affection or go for a walk, and that they need specific care to keep their coat healthy..

Maltese bichon

This is another one of the best small dog breeds for kids and now you will see why. The Maltese does not exceed 4 kg in weight. Have a fun and very playful temperament that allows you to make very good friends with the children. Of course, it is somewhat nervous and excitable, it does not tolerate at all well that its hair is pulled, so remember to teach the little ones to be respectful with the animal.

If you decide to have a Maltese, you should be clear that it will need a series of regular care, such as brushing and regular visit to the canine stylist. Their average life span is 12 years.


With an average weight that around 2.5 kg, The Pomeranian is one of those small dogs that does not grow ideal for children due to its active nature. Despite standing out for its quite homely and familiar dog, it is also characterized by being very lively, noble and playful, so he loves to run and play with the little ones at home. Of course, due to its physical characteristics, it is very important not to leave it with very young children or who do not know how to treat an animal in a respectful way..

Its coat is long and silky, so it needs regular brushing to keep it nice and tangle-free. Likewise, he cannot stand loneliness and is used to constantly demanding attention..

Little lion dog

Another of the small quiet dogs for kids Most recommended is the little lion dog. With an average weight of 6 kg, it is ideal for children of any age. It is characterized by presenting a rather robust body with a long, wavy and dense coat. As for his character, he is calm, relaxed and very affectionate. Of course, he also likes to play, but in a less intense way than in the previous races.

The little lion dog is sociable and easy to train, whose main behavioral problem is that it is used to being a barker. However, these barks can be controlled with proper education..

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

With an average weight of between 5 and 8 kg, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ideal for children because of its balanced character. He is active, docile, affable and affectionate, which is why he enjoys the company of the little ones at home, but also of older people. Needs to exercise, like all dogs, but not necessarily as active as it does in previously mentioned breeds.

Despite his good character, it is important to socialize the cavalier and offer him an education based on positive reinforcement.


This is not a purebred dog, however, we can say that it is one of the best dogs for children that exist. The cavachón it is a mongrel dog that arises from the crossing of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Bichon Frize. Being the two ideal parent breeds for children, we can deduce that the cavachón is also suitable because it brings together the best of each part. Thus, it is a dog that weighs between 4 and 9 kg and has a cheerful, restless, playful, affectionate and attentive character..

The care that needs to be paid more attention is his need for exercise and the maintenance of his coat with regular brushing. It is easy to train and a very appreciative dog.


As in the previous case, the maltipoo is a mongrel dog that arises from the cross between a Maltese and a toy poodle. Again, as its parents are two of the best dog breeds for children, this hybrid is ideal for living with babies, young children and older people. It usually weighs between 2 and 3 kg and can have both the Maltese Bichon and the Poodle coat, so there are specimens with curly hair and dogs with smooth hair, although in general the smooth coat variety is more common.

The maltipoo stands out for being smart, lively, active and somewhat dependent, since it does not usually tolerate loneliness. It is a puppy for children that needs constant company, exercise and games.

Other small dogs ideal for children

Although the above are the best small dog breeds for kids, as you have seen, mixed-breed dogs can also be a great option. Likewise, there are more breeds and crosses that can coexist perfectly with the little ones. Therefore, we show more dog breeds for babies and children of all ages:

  • Dandie dinmont terrier
  • Affenpinscher
  • Peruvian dog
  • Valencian buzzard
  • Bichon bolognese
  • West highland white terrier
  • Beagle
  • Shih Tzu
  • Shiba Inu
  • Cockapoo
  • Puggle
  • Cavapoo
  • Shih-poo
  • Mal-shi

In general, small dogs tend to have a stronger character than medium or large dogs. This is precisely due to its small size. Therefore, it is very important to teach children to treat the animal with respect and educate the dog with positive reinforcement, avoiding punishment and yelling..

The use of negative reinforcement will only develop aggressive reactions in the dog to defend itself, something totally counterproductive for both the animal and the children, who can be injured. If you are not totally sure of being able to carry out a correct education and subsequent training, we recommend you go to a professional canine educator. Likewise, you can always consult this other article with larger dog breeds: "The best dog breeds for children ".

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