Dogs against a bull, another unfortunate tradition that we must end

When you think you've seen it all, human cruelty arrives and surprises you again. And the only thing you can do is ask yourself what has to happen in the world for these things to stop happening..

Backed once more by the false banner of tradition and culture, some inhabitants of Atanzón (Guadalajara, Spain) organize a confinement in the countryside where they harass and mistreat a bull as is customary in this type of festival.

Guadalajara Media Channel

The funny thing this time is that to prevent the animal from escaping into the open space, participants use trained dogs to control it.

Basically, the dogs are engaged in barking and harassing the bull, causing him tremendous stress and putting himself in danger to a possible backlash.

Guadalajara Media Channel

The PACMA Animalist Party has posted this video on its social networks to spread this outrage to the whole world. Help us raise awareness and remember that information is essential to raise awareness. Can you help us?

Source: PACMA

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  • Pitiful show with bullfighting of dogs

Pitiful show with bullfighting of dogs

A more inhuman spectacle, seeing the images one can make one to the idea. What do you find fun about this party? Stress a defenseless animal? Looking for deaths from a bull catching when all you want is to escape? We continually humiliate animals for no reason and that can only be done by an animal on earth.

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