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  • What is the Dog Boyero like? Character and Behavior
  • How should the owner and environment of a Boyero Dog be?
  • What are the necessary care for a Mountain Dog?
  • Puppies and Gestation of the Boyero Dog
  • Main health problems of the Boyero Dog

What is the Dog Boyero like? Character and Behavior

The Mountain Dog is characterized by having a protective behavior for their own and inveterate home keeper. On a mental level this breed is usually affectionate and affectionate but this is a little-known characteristic, in that sense it must be said that they tend to learn quickly, ignoring their faculty as a guardian because in that area they always will seek to protect his own Regardless of the consequences, there are even cases in which this type of dog intimidates before biting..

The behavior with its owner and the family is totally of affectivity, joy and affection, yes of puppy is trained in a positive way and can tolerate interacting with children. With their owners they are obedient and stand out for their nobility. In general, these dogs have incredible emotional stability, being calm and requiring minimal time for walks and outings to the park or any other activity. His attitude with strangers is to be suspicious and suspicious.

How should the owner and environment of a Boyero Dog be?

Owning a herding dog is something that very few people may be able to achieve because this kind of race needs a lot of company, they usually do not like to be alone and always prefer the company of their owner. The attention given by its owner is essential For his development and that determines his future behavior, he must be able to get him to exercise at least once a week. If the owner is too weak it is very certain that the dog take the helm by its legs and be the leader of the family and, when such a situation occurs, your relationship with people will be very difficult.

Its environment should not be very hot par excellence, since, this type of race is delicate to the climates where the heat abounds. The owner of a Boyero dog you should bear in mind that these are breeds that defend their territory by barking but this could be avoided with an effective and permanent education.

What are the necessary care for a Mountain Dog?

The owner of the Dog Boyero the main care must be taken with the coat because, at a genetic level, these breeds are designed for low temperatures. It is recommended that at least three to four times a week its coat is brushed and cleaned, if its hair is not cared for as it should be, it may lose the ability to produce the fats of the skin that surrounds it.. The Bath of the Dog Boyero It should generally be one to two times every two months, or when a bath is really worth it. When bathing you should always remove any trace of soap because it can cause dryness and a lot of dandruff.

Attention is an important area to this type of races for which the owner at all times has to be attentive to the emotional requirements of said animal. The time devoted to their enjoyment and distraction is also of the utmost importance..

Puppies and Gestation of the Boyero Dog

The gestation of a female of Dog Mountain It is normally given for approximately two months, by this time, the owner must be extremely attentive to what the dog does to avoid some type of problem in pregnancy. When giving birth it should be understood that puppies are very curious and like to have fun doing mischief.

The usual thing is to let the great puppy run and walk throughout the house or the place where it is developing, without limiting it to the exploration that is quite necessary and only in this way does it meet your expectations of curiosity. Within the adaptation cycle they usually howl and cry to call their mother.

Main health problems of the Boyero Dog

This type of race It is characterized by being very healthy, however, they are not exempt from suffer from any of these diseases:

  • Dysplasia: The Mountain Dog has the genetic predisposition to possess this disease especially in the knees and hips.
  • Cancer: This condition, incredibly, is the leading cause of death for this breed.
  • Knee ligament tear: These animals are very active and for this reason it is frequent that there is a rupture of this ligament.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: Usually this disease ends in partial or complete loss of vision.
  • Heatstroke: The herding dog is genetically engineered for the cold.
  • Parasites: Earthworms are prone to attack puppies.

Summary Article Name Mountain Dog Description The Mountain Dog is characterized by having a protective behavior towards its loved ones and an inveterate guardian of the home. Find out everything in this article. Author Natalia

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