Saltwater fish

Saltwater fish are an excellent option for those who do not have much time to spend with their pets but want to enjoy the beauty of the fish.

These are not very complex animals that live in an aquarium although, yes, you will need a lot of information about it if you are a beginner in saltwater fish. Fish are animals that need a constant and adequate environment, regular feeding and someone who cares about them..

In this AnimalWised article we are going to detail the basic requirements for the saltwater fish as well as a gallery of specimens.

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  1. What are saltwater fish like?
  2. Saltwater fish needs
  3. Damsels
  4. Clown
  5. Gobies
  6. Magenta dwarf perch
  7. Emperor Angelfish
  8. Blue shadow surgeonfish

What are saltwater fish like?

If you are looking for information on saltwater fish you have come to the right place. At AnimalWised we offer content for beginners in the world of fish so that you too can enjoy a wonderful aquarium, in this case, saltwater fish.

You should know there are different species of saltwater fish and each species has specific characteristics either temperature or ambient. Before getting any fish, you should consult the specific needs of this one.

Saltwater fish needs

Saltwater fish effectively need saltwater. which is achieved by mixing 34 grams of salt for each liter of water, yes, these are special packages that you will find in specialized stores. Salt levels should be measured regularly with a hydrometer and should be between 1.020 and 1.023.

The temperature it is an extremely important factor for most saltwater fish. We could place it between 26ºC in a generic way, although as we have commented there are specimens with specific needs.

You should add elements, gravel and vegetation as you would in any other aquarium. The fish tank must be wide to give shelter to all the members without them being able to bother each other.

In addition to all this you must inform yourself and place it in your new aquarium a filter for fish hygiene. Thanks to the filter you will not need to change all the water in your new fish tank in a row and you will improve the quality of the environment of your saltwater fish.

Finally, you will place the saltwater aquarium in a place where it receives direct sunlight..

You should also control the levels of pH so that they are above 8.2, the levels of nitrates above 5 ppm, the allanity between 2.5 and 3.5 meg / l and the calcium. Do not worry if you have not just assimilated all the information, in pet stores they will advise you properly how you should control all these variables properly.


The damsels They are a perfect option for those who are beginners in the saltwater aquarium. They are solitary fish that are around 7 centimeters and that resist certain changes in the environment..

Of course, damsels are somewhat aggressive among themselves and especially with shy fish, for this reason it is essential to use a large aquarium.


Like the famous damsels clownfish it is quite resistant to some changes in the environment although acclimatizing them is a more delicate task.

This brightly colored saltwater fish lives on coral reefs protected by anemones to which it offers a "cleaning" service as it removes bacteria from its mouth on a regular basis. This strange friendship highlights the tranquility of the clown fish except with other clown fish, with whom it can become aggressive.


There are more than 2,000 species of gobies and they are ideal for beginners since they are small, measuring about 10 centimeters, and we can find them in different shapes and colors. They live in small communities.

In some cases we find cleaning gobies, they feed on the parasites of other fish. In other cases we can speak of symbiotic fish that act defending crustaceans that provide them shelter and food..

Gobies are quite adaptable to slight changes in temperature and / or environment. You should check which is the most suitable type for you.

Magenta dwarf perch

The magenta dwarf perch It is a saltwater fish that does not require a large aquarium, they are somewhat territorial with other small fish and it requires a habitat with shelters where it can hide.

These are hermaphrodite and very brightly colored fish that can amaze you and offer you a unique aquarium. Of course, you should inform yourself well before deciding to adopt a.

Emperor Angelfish

The emperor angelfish It needs an experienced saltwater aquarium owner, although it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and sought-after specimens. They do not usually reach 30 centimeters.

It is a solitary fish that adapts to life in captivity and that well cared for can reach 10 years of life. Requires a medium-large aquarium and will need decoration and rocks where it can move freely.

Blue shadow surgeonfish

The blue shadow surgeonfish It is another of the specimens that fish lovers admire for its particular color. They are large, usually measure about 40 centimeters, for this reason they require a large size.

Like the angelfish, the blue shadow surgeonfish is solitary and lives on reefs. Its maintenance is demanding as it requires a stable environment and intense lighting, thus it will need an experienced owner to survive..

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