They break the legs of a lion cub to take pictures with it

Human cruelty can reach unsuspected limits, and as proof of this we bring horrible news, although with a happy ending, and it is that a lion cub by name Simba, She has been suffering for years the torture of a photographer who broke her legs so that tourists could photograph themselves with her.

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  • A photographer broke the baby lion's legs to use as a stuffed animal
  • The rescue team located the specimen in a barn in Dagestan
  • Simba recovers but will never be the same

A photographer broke the baby lion's legs to use as a stuffed animal

For several years, this animal has been suffering abuse by a photographer whose objective was to have it as a "stuffed animal " so that tourists could take pictures with it..

It is an extreme case of animal cruelty in which the specimen was separated from its mother with just a few weeks of life, precisely with the sole objective of being economically exploited..

During all this time he suffered mistreatment and torture by their caregivers, and it is known that on several occasions he became ill but did not receive the care he needed.

The rescue team located the specimen in a barn in Dagestan

The events occurred in Dagestan, Russia, place where the rescue team went, whose objective was to locate the lion to end the suffering to which he was being subjected.

They did not take long to find it in a barn that, according to the rescuers, was cold and dirty, and due to the serious damage that the animal had on its legs and spine, it was in a state that would soon lead to death. death.

It was rushed to a vet where the lion cub was operated on, thanks to which it has been able to save its life and even now walks again.

Simba recovers but will never be the same

Unfortunately, both physical and psychological consequences will remain with him throughout his life..

Physically we said that he has managed to regain much of his mobility, and thanks to this he is walking again but he does it with a certain difficulty and obviously he will never have the agility that he would have developed if his life had not been this way.

On the other hand, it must also be taken into account that his trust towards the human being has been strongly damaged, and that is that he has grown up with torturers from whom he has only obtained pain.

Karen Dallakyan, one of the rescuers to whom this lion owes his freedom, has stated that this is not an isolated case, but that it is very common that unscrupulous photographers break the bones of different wild animals with the aim of preventing them from escaping, thus being able to always have them on hand so that tourists can be photographed and, in this way, earn huge amounts of money.

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The facts are being investigated, so that an attempt is made to clarify what happened and find the culprits so that justice can take care of them.

In this way and on a personal basis, it is not only clear that these photographers are real monsters for these acts, but even the tourists who participate in this circus of horrors, they are collaborators and have exactly the same or more guilt for what is happening.

For this reason, it is important to make tourism aware of not feeding these types of practices that not only affect this lion cub, but hundreds and hundreds of animals every year..

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