See the devastating effects of climate change through the eyes of a polar bear

Although like the president-elect of the United States others many do not believe in climate change either, it is a fact that there is. There are certain details that make the idea of ​​facing the melting poles inevitable. Unfortunately, it is something that is more in the short term than we think and it will end up affecting everyone.. It is not only a matter of polar bears and other animals that inhabit the ice, but it is something that affects the entire planet.

However, it is the living beings that live in the Arctic that suffer the most from the thaw. Along these lines, it has been the United States Geological Survey itself (although Donald Trump is against all logic) who has put a camera on the back of a polar bear to find out how this species copes with the decrease in Arctic ice.

We may be more or less reluctant to accept and deal with issues such as climate change, but in no case no one in their right mind can deny the evidence. 

Although the bear goes about her life without noticing the camera, is aware of the thinness of the ice sheet, the abundant water and the sun's rays. Like her, other polar bears live exactly the same situation.

Small changes that are not usually noticed from one day to the next. But they have nonetheless done since in the Arctic, since 1979 until the end of summer 2014 the area covered by sea ice has been reduced by 40%.

Although the changes have been taking place in a remarkable way for 30 years now, it has been in the last 10 that the effects that this video now shows have been most noticeable. It is important that every human does what he can to reduce global warming. 

Source: CNN

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