New York banned circuses with animals a year ago, is this measure necessary?

There are many activist and animalist groups that undertake a daily fight against animal abuse and the prohibition of shows where animals are used. Within these, we find both bullfighting celebrations, such as exploitation in zoos and aquariums, such as circus shows, among many other types.

It has already been established laws and regulations that regulate this type of activity In many parts of the world.

According to the City Council, the law will ensure "que animals can live in their natural state, not confined in small wagons and / or treated in other inhuman ways ".

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Why should animals be part of circuses??

The Bioguide

Does the freedom and dignity of animals have more value than the fun of some and the gains of others?? The vast majority of animals remain chained or caged, are deprived of their freedom and are uprooted from their natural habitat. They spend most of their lives in confined spaces that do not cover their minimum needs, there their mobility is limited and their animal behavior is frustrated, so this has serious consequences for them such as states of stress and diseases..

All this, to be subjected to strict training by the trainers, against their will to be used as an object of entertainment and as a resource to earn money.. Your dignity and fundamental rights are not taken into account, since regardless of the treatment given to them, these animals are sadly enslaved and subjected to human will.

Circus without animals


Of course, this does not mean that circuses cease to exist, since there are many circuses of great artistic quality that currently exist, where a multitude of shows are held without the need to involve any animal. For example juggling, acrobatics, dancing, tightrope walking, clown performances


Circuses should be a place of laughter and fun, not tears and compassion.

Source: The Bioguide

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