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¿You will not think of giving a name like Titan to your Yorkshire, right? The truth is that small dogs They also deserve to have special names that separate them and distinguish them from other dogs, and that are consistent with their size and personality..

For this type of dog, we must choose names that have to do with small things, that are beautiful and at the same time that they have character. After all, although they may seem like it, not all small male dogs are funny, cuddly and bouncy.

¿You have a small, male dog and can't think of any other names than Zeus or Apollo? Continue reading this AnimalWised article where we will assist you in this matter and give you some ideas of names for small male dogs.

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  1. Choosing well is important
  2. Name for small male dogs with character and strong personality
  3. Funny and cute little male dog names
  4. Have you already chosen the name for your pet?

Choosing well is important

Now, if what you want is to attract attention, you can also play irony and give it a touch of humor and sarcasm to your dog's name and go with the most bombastic options. The important thing is that you believe that your dog will identify, in every way, with its new name.

It is very human parents to think and feel that our dog is an "eternal baby " and even more so if it is small, however, it is important that no matter how endearing it is in our hearts, our dog has a worthy name where I can grow up with high self-esteem even if it is "petit ".

Let's look at some options:

Name for small male dogs with character and strong personality

  • Spicy: This is a name for dogs that seem cute but when you get close they are not so cuddly. You have to earn their trust first, otherwise it might sting you.
  • Atom: by definition atom is a very small quantity of something. This is the perfect name for mini dogs like teacup yorkies that are tiny but have a vibrant personality.
  • JordanIf you are a fan of the famous former American basketball player Michael Jordan and your dog, no matter how small, is very bouncy and reminds you of this character; Jordan will be the right way to call it.
  • Dali: Curious and physically interesting dogs that look like something out of a movie like the Chinese crested ones would be perfect with a name like that of the charming Spanish painter. This name will enhance your personality as well as give the perfect touch to your peculiar appearance..
  • Clint: Clint will be an elegant dog with a serious character, but not boring, and above all, very faithful to his human friend. Clint will remind you of the film director and actor Clint Eastwood ... everything about him is a special sobriety.
  • Thor: If we talk about you having a very small male dog but who has a big and powerful heart and, in addition, you want to play humor, Thor will be the perfect name for him.
  • Boss: It seems that in the house the dog is the boss. Your pet has so much personality that he is quite a "boss " even when they go out for a walk that he ends up being the leader of the pack in the park.
  • Italo- This is a great name for dogs that have high self esteem, are very confident, charming, and walk down the street with utter pride.
  • Guzman: people who are called by their surname are given special respect. The same happens with dogs (no matter how small), your pet is small but inside it is a real man.
  • Apollo: Royal dogs, with a lot of character and very masculine despite their size. Apolo likes everything to be in harmony and to feel in control of the situation. Apollo says ¡I look small but internally I am a giant!

Funny and cute little male dog names

  • Biggie: This is the name we give our little dog in a very affectionate way, because for us he is a "big one". Biggie is the name for a naughty and playful dog.
  • Bobby: Bobby always comes to you when you call him, he's fun and he loves to be petted. In addition, it will be a dog with many friends.
  • Max: If your dog is more mischievous than cute and goes around doing his thing all day, he has to be called Max because it will enhance his crazy personality.
  • Pedro: Your dog is very sociable and spontaneous and seeing him makes you smile. In those special moments you can call him "Pedrito ".
  • Ringo: There are many dogs that love music. If your pet is one of them and you are also a fan of rock from the 1960s, you can call him Ringo after the member of the legendary Liverpool band the Beatles.
  • Benedict: Benito is a name for a very active dog that likes long walks and games with balls. With him you will have a lot of fun.
  • Chipi: This is the right name for dogs that only think about playing all day and are always in a good mood.
  • Bubba: If your dog is your faithful companion, one of those that you take him everywhere because although he is very happy he is an educated dog. Bubba will be the best name for him.
  • Philip: Felipe is a small male but his intelligence and nobility are very great. This name goes very well with dogs that are very smart, curious and pleasant with everyone, especially with children..
  • Gringo: Your dog has very blond or white fur, so much so that it looks like an adorable stuffed animal that you could place on the bed as decoration.

Have you already chosen the name for your pet?

If you have already chosen for your pet among all the names for small male dogs that we propose and you have found the one that best suits it, we are glad to have been able to help you, and if you have not found it yet, you can take a look at this selection of names for small dogs in English where you will surely end up looking at one.

When you have already decided on the name, it is recommended that you start to socialize your dog from a puppy properly so that he knows how to relate to his environment, with other animals and with people in general. Likewise, you can also begin to familiarize him with some basic training orders to educate him correctly from a young age and prevent future misconduct.

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