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Animal file: Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois dogs are an excellent breed with an impressive bearing. Although its rough appearance makes it seem that it has a complicated character, it is a perfect breed for families, especially families that have children..

Finding the perfect name for a Belgian Malinois puppy is a daunting task because at first they look like chubby little stuffed animals, but as they grow older and reach their size limit, the dog could end up being quite a furry Roman statue (large and slim).

At AnimalWised we love finding the best names for dogs. Here is a list of Belgian Malinois Dog Names.

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How to choose a name for my Belgian Malinosis

Belgian Malinois dogs are considered a large breed of dog very similar to German Shepherds and their ancestors the wolves. For this reason, we must choose names that go according to that imposing presence and intelligence, but at the same time, retain the goodness of a breed of dog. protective, loving, obedient and playful. We do not want to provoke fear or any negative reaction towards the dog, due to a too strong name.

Don't forget that the name must be short and clear, not to be confused with other common words in your vocabulary or those you use when practicing obedience. It is also not advisable to constantly change its name to other similar or diminutives, try to maintain a regularity so that your dog can learn its name appropriately.

For Belgian Malinosis males

  • Alonso: means "the one who is always ready to fight " A practical, pleasant name for an intelligent and restless dog.
  • Ali: if your dog has strong legs such as the powerful arms of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, you can put this name on it.
  • ArnoldIf your dog looks strong, stocky, and cultural, an appropriate name is Arnold, like the famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who started out as a bodybuilder and ended up as "Terminator.".
  • Fox: Belgian Malinois are like contemporary and domestic wolves. If your dog reminds you of a wild wolf, Fox is the name for him.
  • Hugo: this breed of dogs are usually chosen by the police forces to track toxic elements. If your Belgian Malinois spends all day smelling everything like an investigator, it could well be called "Hugo the Tracker.".
  • Kenzo: it is a Japanese name that expresses intelligence, positive force and wisdom.
  • Kevin: perfect for Belgian Malinois males of great beauty, with a youthful character who love to spend time with the children of the house. The name Kevin means "one with a beautiful physique.".

And for the females

  • Mechelen: perfect name to honor the name of her hometown Malina in Belgium, a place with a lot of feminine charm.
  • Black- Many female dogs of this breed have prominent black fur. Negra is a name with authority, but you can always call it "Negrita" with affection..
  • Africa: this is the appropriate name for a female with an impressive coat and free character.
  • Aroa: she will be the best friend of your children, playful, active and protective.
  • Rome: for dog lovers who love the Italian city and all its ancient culture. Roma will be a classy stoic bitch.
  • Pepper- This is the name you can give your Belgian Malinois if he is mischievous, funny and with a cunning personality. Spicy like the species name in the English language.

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