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Our cats are like our children, therefore, when adopting a feline one of the most important decisions will be to choose the perfect name for it. A name that identifies you in personality and physique and also highlights all your qualities.

Color is a characteristic that can guide us very well on this path of the name. Cats are very varied when it comes to colors, and for example, it would not be a very good idea if you gave your cat a name like "snow " if it is brown..

At AnimalWised we love to get creative and we want to support you in this chromatic issue. Next, we invite you to read this new article where we propose some names for orange cats, curious and original, so that you can quickly find the perfect name for your pet.

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  1. What should I keep in mind to choose the best name?
  2. For female cats, long live joy!
  3. For male cats, it's a personality issue

What should I take into account to choose the best name?

Cat lovers can spend weeks choosing the ideal name for their feline, and still hesitate after selecting it. The truth (and totally understandable) is that each creature must have its own proper name, which will make it unique and special.

According to the psychology of colors, orange is a symbol of vitality, joy, youth and fun. Giving your orange cat a fun and light name, but at the same time strong, could go very well with his appearance and personality. The color orange is very popular among cats, let's see what name could come together if your pet is of this vibrant color, you choose.

For female cats, long live joy!

After evaluating, seeing many photos and several orange cats, for the females, we have selected the following names. Some of you will surely like:

  • Amber: sweet name, light (like amber resin) and with a certain organic tone. At the same time, it carries a touch of mystery.
  • Fanta: Bubbly and vibrant like soda. You want your cat to be active and playful.
  • Gina: We like this name a lot because we think it is the feminine and delicate version of Ginger, an Anglo-Saxon name widely used in orange cats. Perfect for a female with style.
  • Cali: If you have a fascination with the beach landscape of the city of California in the United States, Cali will be the perfect name for your cat, which will symbolize those dreamy sunsets.
  • Mandi: it is prettier to put Mandi than Mandarin on a cat. This version is flirty and fun. A cat named Mandi is sure to be a good friend.
  • Adele: If you are a fan of the singer Adele, what better way to honor her than to baptize your cat with her name. Adele is a name that personifies elegance and beauty. Also, if your cat meows very high-pitched and loves to sing, she will be an Adele..
  • Peach: English translation of peach fruit. If your cat is very pretty and her orange color is slightly pinkish, she also has a fluffy and soft coat like the skin of a peach, Peach is her ideal name..
  • Boni: we thought about putting Boniato (sweet potato or sweet potato) but for a girl it occurred to us that Boni would be better. Boni will surely be a nice and affectionate cat, one of those who wants to be close to her human companion all the time and that he caresses her a lot.
  • Joy: joy in english ¡What better name than to give your pet Joy! Whenever you call her you will feel happy and happy and your cat will feel it too. The best names are those with a positive emotional charge..
  • Call: ¡Pure strength and light! If your cat shows signs that she will be a domineering, outgoing and social creature, but at the same time, full of life and content ¿how not to call it fire? but with that feminine and sensual touch.

For male cats, it's a personality issue

For male cats we have a great variety that goes from names of princes, movie characters and even foods..

  • Garfield- We honor the famous cartoon character Garfield. Smart, sleepy and eater. A great cat that enjoys being the center of attention.
  • Nacho- A fun, laid-back name for a feline. If you call your cat Nacho, he will always be young even if he is many years old.
  • Nemo: one of the best Disney movies is "Finding Nemo " ¿How can we forget the curious and brave little fish that travels all the oceans in search of new adventures? This name is perfect for a daring and risky cat.
  • Tiger: for exotic cats with beautiful and imposing fur and with a certain mystique in their eyes. Tiger will be a domestic cat and at the same time wild.
  • Fall: affectionately you can call him Oti or Oto, and when he behaves badly call him by his full name. It is ideal for cats with an intense orange color like the colors of that season of the year. Felines reserved but loyal to their human companions.
  • Harry- You can name Harry in honor of the Prince of England if you think your pet is royalty and deserves to be treated as such. Elegant cats with a very formal behavior.
  • Ron: the same with this name, but now we mention the character of the famous saga "Harry Potter ". The faithful friend who gets in trouble but always comes out on top. A name for shy cats with a cautious personality.
  • Pharaoh- Cats with ancestral appearance that captivate only when passing and that seem to be very wise and intelligent. Those felines that hypnotize because they have great bearing and beauty.
  • Nile: very famous river, known for its beauty and size. If the Egyptian lands and their culture attract your attention, you can give this name to your male. Nile will be an exuberant cat, light orange with yellow and brown overtones, like the landscape that surrounds this river.
  • Curry: You really like Indian food and your favorite species is Curry, which you could even use in soup. Cats with a lot of personality, orange and intense yellow.
  • Mango: I once met an orange cat named Mango, he was very happy, affectionate and funny, he loved to spend the day playing with everything that came his way.

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