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Having a hamster at home as a new pet is a great opportunity to let your imagination and creativity fly, and choose an original and fun name that accentuates its cute physical and personality characteristics. Each member of the family has their own name. No matter how small and silent our hamster is, it is important that he has his personal way of calling him. The possibilities are endless, you could go the traditional way, but at AnimalWised, we want to encourage you to have fun searching and selecting the most peculiar option.

¡We have some ideas for you! Continue reading this article where we will give you the most original names for hamster, ¡you will surely find the best one for your little companion!

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  1. Options for everyone
  2. Original names for a female hamster
  3. Original names for a male hamster

Options for everyone

Your hamster has all the characteristics to make you look for a very special name. He is funny, cute, curious and very clever. It is very worthwhile to think for him a name that is unique and original. There are many types of hamster names to choose from. But, if you are still not sure if you prefer to adopt a male or a female, we will show you some unisex. Choose from the list of names for unisex hamster What do we propose to you next?.

  • Corn. If your hamster has yellow fur, chunky and small like this grain, ¡do not look any further! It is so adorable that you would spread it with butter and eat it with kisses.
  • Peach. His hair is as soft and velvety as the skin of a peach. Peach is the English translation of this pretty and colorful fruit, so if your hamster fits the description, this name is perfect for him..
  • Disk. Your haster loves to play spinning on the ground like a ball or on its wheel for a long time. It's plump and round like a record.
  • Dumpling. This is a very original name for a hamster. If you are one of the fans of this fluffy Asian food, you can place your pet "dumpling " in his honor.
  • Panda. ¿Your haaster is a panda but in a minimal and gnawing version? ¿It is black and white, cuddly, adorable and very huggable.? ¡In his other life he was surely a panda!

Original names for a female hamster

Although there are many options, for this list we have selected the more original names for a female hamster, depending on their physical characteristics, character and personality:

1. Lily. This is the perfect name for a very clean and friendly hamster. Lily gets along well with all members of the family and likes that her human friend feeds her rich and healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, because she is not as plump but more elongated and slender..

two. Mamma mia. ¿Are you a fan devoted to the song, the musical and the Italian expression? In this name you have everything in a single sentence. Perfect for your favorite pet.

3. Ani. Ani is your child's best hamster friend. Every time he gets home he will go directly to play with his hamster named Ani, who will be waiting for him with excitement.

4. Bean. Bean is plump, brown in color and very cute. It is shaped like a bean and enjoys a lot being on the ground to blend in with it like a chameleon.

5. Candle. Your hamster is very naughty and never stays still. He prefers a thousand times to play on his wheel to sleep. She is cunning and playful.

6. bruise. This hamster, formally, is called "Macadamia Nut ", however, affectionately, between games and when it behaves very well, you can call it Maca.

If none of the above names just fit your little rodent, here are some other original hamster names from which to choose the ideal one for him:

  • Lupe
  • Moon
  • Plump
  • Silvy
  • Freckles
  • stone
  • Red
  • Rita
  • Mega
  • Wool
  • Zola
  • Rumba
  • Chia

Original names for a male hamster

¿Your hamster is a male? In this case, we offer you a list with the most original names for hamster, based on the male's personality, physical appearance and character:

1. Gouda. This name is ideal for blond hamsters or hamsters with beige tones, and for their owners who love the popular Dutch cheese.

two. Roll. A chubby hamster, round and white with spots of other colors is perfect to be called a roll, like those of sushi. ¡You could also call it sushi!

3. Big pappa. Let's play with the opposites a bit. Your pet is very small but his personality and in your heart is a good-natured giant, so, ¿what better name for hamster than this?

4. Bold. As the name says, negrito is suitable for a dark rodent that is characterized by being mischievous, very curious and active.

5. 8 Ball. The same happens with 8 Ball, although this is a hamster that no matter how much exercise it does, it always seems to be just as round. Give your pet this name if you enjoy Sunday afternoons playing pool.

6. Spring. This is the perfect name for the most bouncy gray hamster in the whole block and who also thinks he is a rabbit.

¿You are not convinced by any of the above names? ¡Do not worry! Here are some other original, fun and popular male hamster names:

  • Rocky
  • Coquito
  • Buddha
  • Munchis
  • Bruno
  • Thumb
  • Tone
  • Pancho
  • Cotton
  • Clover
  • Hairs
  • Balun
  • Beards

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