Egyptian names for dogs and their meaning

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In ancient Egypt they had a special love for animals, so much so that they even mummified them when they died to pass to the afterlife. Dogs were considered one of the family in all social strata.

There are paintings in which this love of dogs is represented and in many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, colorfully painted leather collars have been found, and even with metallic appliques. Furthermore, they were a polytheistic people, with many gods who embodied different and amazing qualities. Taking into account that love for the furry four-legged and considering that you adore your puppy as the Egyptians adored their gods, ¿It would not be nice to name your dog with the name of a god that resembles him?

In this AnimalWised article we are going to show you some Egyptian names for dogs and their meaning, so that you find one that fits the way of being of your furry. If you can't find a name here that you like, you can always read another article in which we propose original and beautiful names for your furry.

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Egyptian names for males

Here is a list of the most popular Egyptian gods and their meaning so that you can find the Egyptian name that best suits your male dog:

  • Ra: He was the god of the sun, the origin of life and the sky. This name is perfect for a powerful dog as well as one that loves to lie down in the sun..
  • Bes / Bisu: He is the god of goodness, the one who protected homes and children from evil. He was represented as a short, plump god, with long hair and with his tongue sticking out, he chased away evil spirits thanks to his ugliness. It is an ideal name for a plump and very noble dog who loves children.
  • Seth / Set: He is the god of the storm, war and violence. He was a slightly dark god who represented brute force. This name suits mischievous and easily angry dogs..
  • Anubis: he was the god of death and of the Necropolis. It was represented with a man with the black head of a jackal or a dog. This Egyptian name for dogs is perfect for a calm, black, enigmatic and reserved dog.
  • Osiris: he was the god of resurrection, vegetation and agriculture. It is a perfect name for a dog that likes the countryside. Also, Osiris was killed by his brother and later resurrected by his wife, Isis. So it is also a good name for a rescued dog, who has undergone a trauma and has "revived " finding a new family that loves him..
  • Toth: he was a magician, the god of wisdom, music, writing, and the magical arts. They said that he was the creator of the calendar and that he was the time meter. This name suits a quiet dog with extraordinary intelligence..
  • Min / Menu: He was the lunar god of fertility and male sexuality. It was represented with an erect penis. It's a funny name for a dog who wants to ride it all.
  • Montu: He was a falcon-headed warrior god who protected the pharaoh in battle. It is a perfect name for strong, guardian, and protective dogs with your family..

Egyptian names for females

And if your furry companion is a female, here is a list with names of Egyptian goddesses and their meaning, perfect for naming your new companion:

  • Bastet: she was the goddess of cats, of fertility and protector of the home. It is an ideal name for a mother dog or for one who gets along very well with cats.
  • Sakhmet / Sekhmet: she was the goddess of war and revenge. He was a deity with a great anger that if he managed to appease himself, he helped his followers to defeat their enemies. It is a name for a dog with a strong character, who gets angry easily but is very faithful to her owner.
  • Neit: goddess of war and hunting, as well as wisdom. It was represented carrying a bow with two arrows. This Egyptian name for dogs is perfect for a furry with hunting instincts, who loves to chase birds or anything else in the park.
  • Hathor: she was the goddess of love, dance, joy and music. If your dog is all energy and is an earthquake of happiness, the Egyptian name of Hathor is perfect for her.
  • Isis: In Egyptian mythology his name meant "throne ". She was considered the queen of the gods or the great mother goddess. This name is ideal for a powerful dog, the most important of the pack.
  • Anukis / Anuket: She was the goddess of water and protector of the Nile, making it a perfect name for dogs who love to swim and bathe in water..
  • Mut: the mother goddess, the goddess of the sky and the origin of everything created. To those hairy girls who have been great mothers.
  • Nephthys: Known as "the lady of the house ", she was the goddess of darkness, darkness, night and death. It was said that he accompanied the deceased to the afterlife. The name Nephthys hits a mysterious, calm and silent black-furred dog.
  • Maat: symbolized justice and cosmic harmony, defended truth and cosmic balance. This goddess helped Ra in his fight against Apophis (an incarnation of evil), that is, in the fight of good against evil, so that good would always reign. It is a perfect name for a faithful and loyal dog who defends her owners.

And if none of the Egyptian names for dogs and their meaning convinces you to name your new companion, do not miss the list of names for original and beautiful dogs..

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