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There are many people who when naming their dog use famous dog names or known by the media, either because of the story or the meaning they carry. The dog is a faithful friend who needs a suitable and original name, and for this, many turn to movies or animated series that suggest an appropriate nickname for him. Thanks to the long friendship that the dog and the man have shared for centuries, today there are thousands of stories and films that use him as the protagonist due to the skills and qualities he possesses..

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  1. How do we choose the names for dogs?
  2. Famous animation dog names
  3. Famous Disney Dogs
  4. Famous flesh and blood dogs

How do we choose the names for dogs?

In addition, the necessary guidelines that we can use to properly choose the name for our dog, the reality is that most of us opt for give a name that we like and that gives us positive feelings.

There are many stories, movies and cartoons that penetrate deeply and leave a mark on our feeling of love for the dog. For this reason, many owners want to recover and name their dog with that particular name, thus transmitting a special affection..

The advantage of deciding the name according to what it gives us is that that feeling we can also give it to him to our four-legged friend. Dogs are intuitive animals by nature and they will understand perfectly when we name them affectionately or when we call them because they are doing something wrong..

Famous animation dog names

  • Santa's Little Helper: (Santa 's Little Helper) We all know the endearing greyhound from The Simpsons rescued by Bart from an owner who did not love him for being a loser in the races. The little helper is a fearful and loser dog who loves his owners unconditionally.
  • Snowy (Shiro): Continuing with the cartoon theme, we find the faithful companion of Shin Chan, a small white Japanese puppy. He is the victim of mischief and his young master often forgets to feed him or walk him. It is an intelligent, good, obedient and educated dog.
  • Brian Griffin: It is a much more peculiar dog than the previous ones, it belongs to the television series Family Guy And unlike other formats, Brian is a very humane and sarcastic dog that graphically transmits the behavior of a dog that is much more sensitive and complex due to the ability to speak.
  • Ran Tan Plan: Lucky luke He was the proud master of Ran Tan Plan, who although it is a name formed by three words which is not usually advisable, this one in particular has a great sound typical of a famous dog name and that if you like western movies to the you'd better want your dog to convey that good tune to you.
  • D 'artacan: It belongs to the cartoon series D 'artcan and the three muskedogs that in imitation of the adventures of the musketeers they put these friendly dogs to fight with swords. It is a name that inspires a lot of value and can be a great option as a name for your dog.
  • Snowy: It is the little white dog from Tintin, for comic addicts it sure brings back good memories. It is a dog that accompanies the journalist Tintin around the world without ever tiring.
  • Idéfix: It is the tiny dog ​​of the friendly Obelix, the Gaul who fought the Romans who fell into a kettle when he was little. Idéfix is ​​a restless and affectionate dog.
  • Spike: It appears in Rugrats, Adventures in Diapers. Babies who live adventures cannot stop having a dog, in this case Spike who often serves as a horse, taking the babies with him always as faithful as dogs are.
  • Fog: The endearing and beautiful dog of Heidi, a kind, big Saint Bernard that makes you want to hug. It is the great companion of the girl.
  • Dino: It is the dog of The Flintstones , It is shaped like a dinosaur but acts as a dog and also carries a bone. It is loyal and as faithful as any dog ​​and also the name is very beautiful.
  • Hate: The adorable goofy dog ​​featured in Garlfield. He has no voice in the series, and he always gasps with his tongue out, he is the victim of the constant jokes of his partner.
  • Snoopy: There is little to say about a dog that is not only famous but also has made history, There are drawings, vignettes of everything about Snoopy and there are many generations who know him. It will always be a good name for a dog.
  • Scooby Doo: A very fearful Great Dane, It was impossible that in the series they would put aside the real disagreement that exists in many dogs that, although they have a size that already scares in itself, are the most good-natured that exist and this is the case of Scooby Doo.
  • Seymour: It's Frai's dog from Futurama. It is a stray dog ​​that one day finds an owner.

Famous Disney Dogs

  • Pluto: The faithful old friend of Mickey Mouse. Disney created a cute and friendly dog ​​that appeals to all viewers, especially the youngest members of the family. It is a sweet name that brings special meaning to all those who grew up with it..
  • Goofy: Also belonging to the world of Disney, the truth is that Goofy is more peculiar, has a personality defined as a friend of Mickey Mouse. He is a good but too innocent dog and wears human clothing.
  • Gulf and Queen (The Lady and the Tramp): It is a Disney movie that has moved many viewers. Golfo is a stray dog ​​who falls in love with Reina, a pedigree cocker spaniel. Both live an unforgettable adventure that reflects both worlds of society in a doggy way.
  • Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians): Disney repeat and create a magnificent love story between two dogs (and their owners) this time Dalmatians, a beautiful breed. These are two fighting protagonists who will strive to save the lives of their puppies, victims of the desire for fur coats.
  • Balto: It is a story that conveys longing, a certain melancholy, a lot of tenderness and courage. He is the protagonist of the film of Disney based on true events about sled dogs that helped bring medicine and food when there were no other means of transport.
  • Bolt: Another dog that reaches the hearts of children with a cartoon film in which his story is told. In this case it is a famous television dog who discovers that he does not have the superpowers he thought he had.
  • Percy: If you have seen Pocahontas you will love to remember this friendly pug dog, adventurous and faithful to its owner.
  • Slinky: It is the dog-toy of Toy story, that nice and funny Dachshund is represented as a dock in the shape of a dog that was part of the toy band.

Famous flesh and blood dogs

  • Beethoven: Famous and giant Saint Bernard that destroyed the whole house. A faithful dog that the little ones will love.
  • Hachiko: The faithful Akita Inu, a film based on real events in which a dog visits his grave for years after the death of its owner. He has a statue in his memory.
  • Bobby Greyfiars: Like Hachiko, Bobby's story is very real. It remained 14 years without moving from the grave of its owner. He also has a statue of his own in Edinburgh.
  • Laika: The Russian dog who traveled to space.
  • Rex: He is the most famous German Shepherd on television, an intelligent and active police dog.
  • Lassie: Beautiful brown Collie, famous for the adventure series she starred in for years.
  • Pancho: He is the little Jack Russell Terrier, star of "The Millionaire Dog ", famous for his appearance on Spanish television in commercials.

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