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One of the most exciting moments once we have decided to live with a cat is to choose its name, and it is a very important decision because it will accompany us throughout its life. It is normal for caregivers to search exhaustively for the perfect name, so in this AnimalWised article we are going to offer a complete list of Greek mythology names for cats, whether they are male or female, baby kittens or mature cats. They are names of gods, titans and other mythological figures, as well as places where their adventures have taken place. As a complement, we will give some tips in order to help choose a good name for our cat.

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  1. In search of a perfect name for your cat
  2. Greek mythology names for cats
  3. Greek mythology names for male cats

In search of a perfect name for your cat

Before moving on to the list of names in Greek mythology for cats, we are going to share some ideas to keep in mind when naming our feline companion. They are as follows:

  • We can choose the name based on physical or psychological characteristics of our cat as soon as we receive it at home. For example, a shiny black can be called Patent Leather or a cat with a Fury character..
  • Some people like to repeat the name they have already given to a previous deceased cat. Names as classic as Micho or its feminine Micha are used over and over by caregivers.
  • Sometimes a defect, a physical peculiarity or even a disease can determine a name and be the memory of the strength that the cat has had to overcome difficulties. For example, OjoPocho for a one-eyed kitten or Tiñoso for one who has suffered that disease.
  • Our environment is a good source for possible names. We refer to place names, that is, the names of places.
  • In the case of cats, we can choose longer names than if it were a dog (voiced and short names are preferably recommended to facilitate the understanding and attention of the dog), although we can also choose short names. Contrary to what some people think, cats do understand and respond to their name.
  • If we adopt a cat that already has a name on it, we can change it without any problem. Just like you will get used to us, you will get used to a new name and it can even help you break away from a past that may have been complicated.

Next, to help caregivers make this important decision, we are going to offer a wide list of names taken from Greek mythology and that can fit our future cat or cat very well. There are multiple options to choose from, there are more or less short, simple and more complex, known or not, with more or less loudness but, of course, they all coincide in their charisma, so that, surely, they will print character to our cat or cat.

Greek mythology names for cats

In case you want to name a cat, then we review the Greek goddess names for cats, other deities and representative places:

  • Aphrodite: goddess of love and beauty.
  • Alcmena: mortal and mother of Heracles.
  • Amalthea: nymph, sometimes represented as goat, Zeus' nurse.
  • Sagebrush: goddess of young women and hunting.
  • Athens: Greece capital.
  • Athena: goddess of wisdom and weapons.
  • Cadmea: Thebes.
  • Cybele: another name for Rea.
  • Crete: Greek island.
  • Demeter: crop protector.
  • Dione: mother goddess of Aphrodite.
  • Dodona: the oracle of Dodona, is the most important after Delphi.
  • Eleusis: city near Athens.
  • Etna: Sicilian volcano.
  • Europe: daughter of a king of Phenicia.
  • Phenicia: ancient region of the Orient.
  • Gea: Mother Earth.
  • Hebe: daughter of Hera and Zeus.
  • Hera: goddess of women and housework, woman of Zeus.
  • Hestia: home protector.
  • jellyfish: gorgon, monster with living snakes instead of hair that turned to stone whoever looked at it.
  • Metis: prudence, aunt of Zeus.
  • Night: the first to be separated from Chaos.
  • Olympia: city of Greece.
  • Ossa: mount of Greece.
  • Pandora: means "all gifts ".
  • Pirra: daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora.
  • Pythoness: priestess.
  • Chimera: monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon.
  • Rea: sister of Cronos.
  • Salamina: Greek island.
  • Sicily: Italian region.
  • Thebes: city founded by Cadmus, also called Cadmea.
  • Tetis: nereida.
  • Tritogeny: ancient name of the city of Athens.
  • Troy: city in Asia Minor.

Greek mythology names for male cats

We complete this list of Greek mythology names for cats reviewing those of gods, places, titans and other divinities with which we can call our new male cat. They are as follows:

  • Apollo: god of the arts, health and clarity.
  • Achilles: strongest warrior in all of Greece.
  • Ares: God of War.
  • Bellerophon: killed the Chimera.
  • Briareo: hundred-handed monster.
  • Cadmus: brother of Europe, inventor of writing and founder of Thebes.
  • Chaos: magma of water and earth.
  • Caucasus: region between Europe and Asia.
  • Cyclops: Cyclops are children of Gaea and the blood of Uranus Skilled blacksmiths.
  • Chronos: means "time ". It's a titan.
  • Delphi: most important oracle.
  • Destination: son of Night.
  • Deucalion: son of Prometheus.
  • Dionysus: protector of vineyards and wine.
  • Efialto: monster, son of Gaea and of the blood of Uranus.
  • Aegean: king of Athens.
  • Epimetheus: titan.
  • Hades: brother of Zeus, has a helmet that makes him invisible.
  • Hephaestus: god of the forge, son of Gaea with terrible malformations.
  • Heracles: son of Zeus and Alcmena, also called Hercules.
  • Hercules: synonym of Heracles.
  • Hermes: god of commerce and thieves.
  • Ilium: Troy.
  • Iapetus: titan.
  • Jason: son of King Aeson.
  • Minotaur: monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull.
  • Ocean: titan.
  • Olympus: mount of Greece where the gods live.
  • Orpheus: musician.
  • Oto: monster son of Gaea and the blood of Uranus.
  • Bread: god shepherd.
  • I fight: Thetis' husband.
  • Perseus: demigod son of Zeus who kills Medusa.
  • Poseidon: god of the sea, brother of Zeus.
  • Prometheus: titan.
  • Tantalum: son of Zeus.
  • Tartar: abyss where Cronos locks up his brothers.
  • Themistocles: Greek general.
  • Theseus: son of the Aegean king.
  • Typhoon: monster with a hundred heads, son of Gaea and of the blood of Uranus.
  • Titan: the titans are children of Gaea and Uranus.
  • Uranus: son of Gea.
  • Zeus: god of Olympus, son of Rhea.

All these names can function as a source of inspiration so that, from them, we invent original names, adapting or modifying them, with augmentatives or diminutives, for example, since what it is about is that the name selected for our cat is special for us . Once the name is chosen, ¡do not forget to prepare the kitten's arrival at home!

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