Don't miss this one year old's reaction to listening to a Queen song

Children have an amazing ability to move your body to the rhythm of the music, as if it were a natural instinct. Well it is true that we cannot speak of perfect limb coordination, but it doesn't matter, they get carried away and have a great time.

Although we adults have more measure at certain times, you will agree with me than when our favorite song sounds many times we have to contain ourselves, depending on where we are. But I am sure that everyone here has been uninhibited more than once singing in the car, in the shower, or in any other place, no matter how implausible it may seem..

The same is what happens to our protagonist today, who is driving her particular stroller around the house when suddenly a song of 'Queen ' sounds that she loves, so he can't help it and becomes a rock star.

I assure you that the little girl, who is only one year old, you will be happy for the rest of the day. Enjoy it!

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