Do not give pets at Christmas, they will end up abandoned

Christmas is coming and in these days before we think of the best gift for our loved ones. Clothes, travel, perfumes, pleasures, experiences or money are the most common among adults. Children obviously look forward to gifts. Countless toys are offered at this time of year. Many times one does not know what to choose for a nephew or the children of our friends. But maybe we know that little ones like animals. And then our Christmas surprise could be a little animal. Big mistake! You should not give pets at Christmas, because they will probably end up abandoned.

It is very normal that children adore cats and dogs. And other animals too. If we ask a child under the age of ten what he wants to be as an adult, his answer will not vary much: footballer, president, policeman, firefighter, doctor or vet. It is logical that this is the case. Children have a lot of love to give. And the animals too. Therefore, when there is a connection between the two, a magical relationship can be created.. But a child cannot take responsibility for an animal. And it is at this point that problems arise. Problems that, unfortunately, always end up being solved with the suffering of someone who has no voice: the animal.

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  • First victim: the animal
  • What to consider before giving pets for Christmas
      • Does the family I plan to give it to really want a pet?
      • What animals do you like?
      • Do you have time to attend it?
      • Do you have money to take care of it?
      • Are there allergy sufferers in the house?
      • Do you have space to attend it?

First victim: the animal

The statistics carried out by the animal protection associations estimate that around the 30% of the animals that are given at Christmas are abandoned after a few months having been considered "the best gift " at the New Year's Eve parties.

It is a really high number and that causes a lot of pain. And also anger, because It is the product of the irresponsibility of those who give animals as if they were toys. The child may get bored with a toy and leave it in a basket or under his bed. But an animal is a very different responsibility, which does not fall on the little one but on his family.

As having a pet is a very personal decision, before giving an animal you must first consult it with the family we want to surprise. Because if they are not prepared, the surprise will be quite unpleasant and the poor animal will fall into a home that did not expect it, that he does not want it and will not be able to take care of him and attend him as he deserves.

What to consider before giving pets for Christmas

Giving an animal is a very important decision. Receive it, too. It requires a long-term commitment, since that being will become part of the family. The first advice is not to buy animals, but to save the life of another what is having a bad time. In that way, we will not encourage exploitation that favors those who trade in animal lives. And at the same time, we will give another opportunity to be happy to a dog or cat that has already been abandoned by another family that did not know how to rise to the occasion.. The animals are very grateful and if in their second experience they receive the love they did not have in their first home, they will return to those who adopted them triple the love they receive.

Does the family I plan to give it to really want a pet?

The first thing is to make sure that the person who is going to receive the new partner really want it.

What animals do you like?

Not all people love all animals. It is not an obligation. Or perhaps, they prefer calm and non-playful animals. Or the other way around, there are children in the house and it would be better if a puppy arrived so that both of them release their energies at the same time. It is best to ensure that the choice will be to the liking of the honoree. Otherwise, that pet will be at risk of swelling that 30% of abandoned animals after being given away at Christmas.

Do you have time to attend it?

A pet needs a lot of care and attention. You have to know how to feed and clean it. It requires good health care. And above all, time, because you have to dedicate a lot of time to play with her, take her out for a walk and educate her. Without patience or free time, the relationship between owner and animal will not flow properly.

Do you have money to take care of it?

Unfortunately, not only with love and affection a pet is kept. Their food costs money. Also vaccinations and visits to the vet. Therefore, if we give a pet, we have to take into account that the person who receives it will be able to keep it correctly. Because if we don't, we will be making life difficult for our friends, and for the animal.

Are there allergy sufferers in the house?

Many people are allergic to certain animals. Before making the gift, we first have to find out if this condition does not exist within the family that is going to receive the pet..

Do you have space to attend it?

Before giving pets at Christmas you have to find out where the animal would go to live. Is it possible to give a medium or large dog? Or is it better to opt for a small animal since the house or apartment where it will live has little space? An animal needs to release its energy daily. Therefore, a large dog in a tiny apartment is an aberration that we do not have to encourage..

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  1. Natalia Usacheva says

    12/21/2019 at 6:56 am

    Please do not give cats or dogs without knowing if the other person wants them


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