It is not easy to wring a cloth in space

We have seen it millions of times, life in space is not the same. There is no gravity and time passes at different rates. Hundreds of movies, in addition to the stories and testimonies of astronauts, talk about it. And not only that, but videos like the one we bring you today flood the Internet to our delight and amusement..

How could it be otherwise, neither does water behave in space as it does on Earth. You've probably seen it before, liquids floating around the room like magic. What you surely haven't seen is what happens when you squeeze a cloth soaked in water.

We could ramble about the possible effect of water when trying to get out of the cloth when it is squeezed, but it is much better to see it live. Above all because the effect that arises from this fact is so incredible that there are no words to define it.

Wringing water out of any fabric can appear as ordinary mortals who don't travel into space. But for all these lucky beings that they know what it is to live without gravity becomes a more than difficult task. And quite a spectacle to see it and attend such curiosity.

The possibilities of researching and trying new things are endless when we see ourselves in such an environment. Watching this video I'm sure you can think of a thousand other things to try just out of curiosity or fun. See the effect of water without gravity will be surprising. 

Source: CoconutScienceLab

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