Die cute with these pictures of foxes in the wild

The remote Chukotka region of northwestern Russia is an inhospitable Arctic tundra, but even in the harshest landscape, photographer Ivan Kislov finds beautiful signs of life among the wild foxes that live here..

Kislov, who lives in the northeastern port city of Magadan, works in Chukotka as a mining engineer. When she has free time during her long shifts, she uses photography as a means of relaxation to get out of the routine. His passion is going on excursions to places that are difficult to access, rafting or simply long walks to observe the wildlife of the place..

Delight in the wonderful photographic report that Ivan Kislov made on the foxes that inhabit the Chukotka region:

They live in boreal regions, alpine tundra, temperate zones, grasslands, coastal zones, and forested areas, so they are adapted to different climatic conditions. They are found from sea level to 4,500 meters of altitude. They also survive in densely urbanized areas populated by man..

They generally live in burrows, to avoid the scourge of heavy snowfalls, taking refuge in tunnels that they dig in the snow.

Although he takes pictures of all the wildlife, from bears to reindeer to wolves and stoats, Kislov says foxes are often very willing role models in his work. "Foxes are very curious animals by nature and they can get very close to the camera, which allows me to take very close pictures thanks to my telephoto lens ", reveals Kislov.

The fox lives paired until the cubs begin to emerge from the burrow, at which point it remains with the female, carrying food for both the mother and the cubs..

The care of the young is mainly carried out by the mother, although from time to time the male or another female may intervene in their care. The family abandonment of young foxes takes place in late summer or early fall. Males disperse in all cases, while females sometimes stay in the territory where they were born.

It is a magnificent animal with the universal fame of being the most cunning, discreet and silent, conditions that reveal all the acts of its life and that have allowed them to survive in such complicated habitats.

Unfortunately, the fox is cruelly persecuted for its fur, which can reach astronomical prices within the fashion industry. Similarly, they are captured by farmers who see foxes as primarily responsible for the death of their poultry, rabbits, and other pets important to them..

Let's hope that it becomes aware that these animals can be truly beautiful as Ivan Kislov portrays them.

Source: boredpanda. This article originally appeared on our website lavozdelmuro.net

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