Look what a beautiful thing you can do in your room: paint glow-in-the-dark murals

The idea of ​​an artist creating a fantastic mural in one of the rooms of your house is attractive enough on its own, but What if that mural could also be seen in the dark? And not only that, what if, in addition, it showed new details in the absence of light?

This magnificent idea has been carried out by the Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian, a young painter has extensive training in graphic arts, from the classical perspective to the latest and most modern creation techniques, such as 3D..

When he began to be interested in interior design and to create murals in different environments, he was incorporating new processes and hit the nail on the head by opting for the use of luminescent paints.

This kind of pigments They glow in the dark and allow the Bogi murals, spectacular when viewed in natural or artificial light, to become practically magical when the light disappears.

His idea was precisely to create works that could be appreciated in any condition and without depending on a power source, and the result speaks for itself.

Dream landscapes, vegetation or the vast immensity of the universe are his recurring themes.

Bogi Fabian began to be interested in painting as a child and at the age of 20, after having trained in various techniques, she opted for the creation of this type of mural.

His idea is to create environments that are appreciated under different lighting conditions, but that also appear different in each one of them. Simply spectacular.

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