Look what this girl does with a simple glass ... and her voice

Although talent is usually an innate issue, the normal thing is that we need effort, dedication and work to bring it to fruition. As a rule normal mortals who don't know how to sing, dance or both see only the tip of the iceberg and we envy her with all our might.

It is not for less, anyone would want this little girl's talent. Larissa, only 8 years old, comes to the program The Voice Kids with his voice and a small glass, little things with which he manages to impress everyone present. With a song by Anna Kendrick the girl shows how much strength such a small body can harbor.

Not only is the jury speechless when they hear it, but the audience there and her own family go crazy when they hear her perform her song. Thanks to this program, thousands of children have been able to prove their worth and leave anonymity.

And is that talents like this should never be hidden. Fortunately, new technologies and globalization make this more possible than ever. Just by seeing her we can predict a future full of musical successes for this little girl and so many others who have already had the courage to get on this stage..

Whether or not we are music fans, seeing someone enjoying what they do is contagious. This video can brighten your day without trying, or at least it will make you smile when you see someone so small but so brave put their talent to the test in front of so many people.

Source: The Voice Kids

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