Look at the skill this little owl has

We are all good at something. Varied things that require physical or mental abilities that we are good at. The same can be calculating large sums in the head than running the 100-meter sprint in record time, or singing like angels. All more or less normal aspects that we have ever heard.

But then there is this little owl that beats anything you could imagine. His ability is as strange as it is mind-boggling. And it does it so well that you can only marvel. He is able to keep his head completely still while moving the rest of the body in any direction.

With your gaze fixed on a point and without ruffling a feather, the little bird accepts any movement that this human makes. It does not matter if it is right, left, up or down. Overcome all challenges.

Before you think it could be a useless skill, analyze the possibilities. You could ride fairground rides without getting dizzy, or keep your eyes fixed as you go. 

Having such mastery of the head is as positive as useful, especially in the wild world in which this owl moves.

Ready to meet one of the strangest skills? You are going to hallucinate, do not hesitate.

Source: Gene Jacobs

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