Look how far this dad has to go to get his baby to sleep

The things that parents have to do to get their children to sleep are of various kinds and considerations. A dad singing to his baby does not seem very strange, but in this video you will see that it is very special.

Everyone tries to find the "secret " of a peaceful and restful sleep, both for the little ones and for the tired parents. It is not always achieved, but when you know "the key " you do not hesitate to do anything, no matter how difficult, to carry it out and that peace reigns at home. At least for a few hours.

What this father has to do to get his daughter to sleep is going to leave you speechless.

His system is not only foolproof, it is super cute. Music is always relaxing, but if it is the father singing to his baby and the baby is on the same guitar, where the vibrations work as in a natural pacifier, it is much better.

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