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The microchip is a device that allows the animal identification wearing it. At present, the mandatory nature of its implantation has made the microchip more and more popular among caregivers with dogs. Beyond the penalty that its lack may entail, the microchip is the best way to find lost or stolen dogs and to deter all those who intend to abandon them.

In this AnimalWised article we talk about microchip for dogs and we explain everything you need to know.

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  1. What is the microchip for dogs?
  2. Is the chip for dogs mandatory?
  3. What is the microchip for dogs for?
  4. How does the microchip for dogs work?
  5. Requirements to chip a dog
  6. Where do you put the chip for dogs?
  7. How much does the microchip for dogs cost?

What is the microchip for dogs?

The microchip is a small capsule shaped device about the size of a grain of rice that is typically inserted into the left side of the dog's neck. The chip is introduced as an injection, therefore, without any type of anesthesia, and remains under the skin, being able to move from the inoculation point over time. This insertion will bother the dog the same as a puncture and will not cause any adverse side effects. This microchip will work for the entire life of the animal.

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Is the chip for dogs mandatory?

The microchip for dogs it is required by law in many places, such as in Spain, from 3 months of age. Therefore, not putting the chip on the dog will entail a financial penalty..

On the other hand, it should be noted that this same microchip is also mandatory in cats and ferrets, but not in other animals considered exotic, such as rabbits or guinea pigs. However, its insertion is recommended for safety reasons, both for the animal itself and for environmental and health control reasons..

What is the microchip for dogs for?

Despite its growing spread, many caregivers still wonder what this chip for dogs is for. The truth is that its main function is associate the dog's data with its owner's. In this way, if the animal is lost, causes any damage or is abandoned, it is possible to know who its owner is and to locate it..

How does the microchip for dogs work?

The operation of the microchip goes through register it in the database that corresponds according to the place of residence. For this, the data of the dog related to its date of birth, name and breed are collected, as well as those of the person who will appear as the owner for all purposes from that moment on. It is especially important to write down your contact details, which must always be up to date for the identification system to work. For this reason, any change in the address or telephone must be reported to the registry and the ownership should be changed if the dog changes ownership..

Each microchip has a unique number, that will uniquely identify the animal that carries it. When a dog is found, it is possible to find out whether or not it is microchipped. To do this, a device known as "microchip reader " is passed around his neck. Veterinarians and some authorities such as Seprona have these readers. If the dog is microchipped, the unique number of its chip appears on the reader. When entering it in the corresponding database, all the information related to the dog and its owner appears, so that it is possible to contact him immediately.

Veterinarians are the professionals authorized to access this data and inform the owner. In view of the operation of the chip, its usefulness is understood when recovering lost dogs or reporting cases of abandonment, mistreatment or responsibility of the owner in the case of damage to third parties in which a dog may be involved.

On the other hand, the nameplate on the collar it is also mandatory and allows you to view the owner's data in a much faster way than through the chip. Thus, in case the dog gets lost and someone finds it, you will not need to go to a veterinary clinic to proceed to read the information on the chip, you can call the phone number that appears directly.

¿All microchips are registered?

No, the fact that a shelter's dog has the microchip implanted does not mean that it is discharged. For this reason, it is important to verify this fact to register the animal and include all its data on the chip after adoption..

Requirements to chip a dog

In order to implant the microchip in a dog, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements:

  • The owner must be of legal age.
  • The animal must be compulsorily registered in the city Hall. If not, you can register once the microchip is in place.
  • The dog You must have a veterinary card. If you have a passport, the microchip number will also be added to this document.
  • Chip data should be updated whenever necessary.

Where do you put the chip for dogs?

The microchip can only be inserted and released by a veterinarian. Therefore, obligatorily you have to go to a veterinary clinic if you want to identify a dog with this device, which, on the other hand, is mandatory to avoid penalties and protect the dogs against possible losses or even thefts.

If a dog is adopted from a kennel or a protective association, it will be delivered already microchipped by the veterinary service with which they work. In this case, it is essential that the documents proving discharge are attached with the animal, which will also include the number of the inserted microchip..

How much does the microchip for dogs cost?

Putting the microchip on a dog is a clinical act in which, in addition to properly placing the device, the data of the dog and the owner must be registered in the registry corresponding to the place of residence. This procedure can only be done by a licensed veterinarian. It is not possible to speak of a single price for the microchip in dogs, since there are variations geographically and even the amount can vary from one clinic to another within the same city. This is because veterinary colleges establish a range of recommended prices and it is, ultimately, the professionals who determine the amount that they implant in their clinic. Thus, the price of the microchip ranges between 25 and 50 euros.

The price of the chip in dogs is affordable if its advantages are valued and it is taken into account that it is only used once in a lifetime. Still, some people wonder if it is possible to get the dog microchip for free. The truth is that the chip is not free, although it can be somewhat cheaper if you choose to adopt, since the amount charged in these cases adds chip, vaccines, deworming or sterilization, so that you pay less than if the owner had to carry out all these interventions on his own. In addition, some shelters offer free adoptions of dogs that are older or are in particularly vulnerable situations, such as illness or disability. In any case, if the expense of the chip cannot be assumed, it would be necessary to consider whether it is the best idea to get a dog.

On the other hand, what is free is to take a dog to a clinic so that they can check, by passing the reader, whether or not it has a microchip.

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