My rat's hair falls out - Causes and treatment

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Rats are very intelligent and sociable small mammals. Many people currently enjoy the company of rats as pets and it is that they are very sweet and affectionate animals.

Although our rat has been in good health, sometimes hair loss can occur, something that can occur for various reasons. We will give you the keys to identify if it is a normal process or if you should go to the vet..

If you continue reading this article, in AnimalWised we will point out the most common causes of this problem and its treatment. Discover why does your rat's hair fall out.

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  1. Lack of hygiene
  2. Food deficit
  3. Stress
  4. Loneliness
  5. Diseases

Lack of hygiene

Lack of hygiene it is a common reason for the rat to lose hair. All small animals tend to sneak into places that are difficult to access, which for this reason are difficult to keep clean. There they get dirty or carry fungi in their fur, creating colonies in the dermis of the rodent, the effects of which can cause the rat's hair to fall out..

For this reason it is convenient brush our rat's hair for one minute daily. When you do, you will be able to notice in time any alteration in the skin and hair of your rat and look for an ideal solution. Consult your veterinarian about the possible presence of parasites in his hair.

Food deficit

The lack of vitamins or trace elements Essential for your species of rat is another reason that can cause your rodent's hair to fall. This does not necessarily mean that your rat is not eating enough. What it indicates is that your diet is not balanced.

A visit to the vet is pertinent for this reason. It is convenient combine rodent food with vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits. The vet will recommend the healthiest ones for your rodent.


Stress is a factor that can cause your rat's hair to fall out. The cage that is too close to the television or other sound source can disturb his mood, or prevent him from getting a good rest. Your rat's den needs to be in a quiet place. You must observe it to identify your stressors and it is actually very sensitive animals.

Another large and unfriendly pet can also cause your rodent to panic. Children are also a cause of stress. Being shaken, squeezed, caught by the tail, and hearing loud voices inches from their delicate ears are terrifying experiences for a rat that has just arrived home..

The solution is to prevent your rat from having a terrible time because of another pet or a naughty child. Find a quiet place to help the rodent relax.


Rats are social beings who like to live in community. For this reason it is convenient that they live as a couple (two neutered males, two females or neutered male and female). If rats feel lonely they can fall into depression and this can affect their fur.

Sometimes the coexistence between humans who provide company can cover this need for company; but absences for work, studies, or weekends can be very sad for rats to feel abandoned. Therefore, living as a couple is the best and healthiest option..


Sometimes rats get sick from multiple causes:

  • contagions
  • insect bites
  • cold
  • humidity

The various diseases that a rat can suffer throughout its life can cause alopecia and excessive hair loss. If you play daily for a while with your pet, you will immediately notice if it is not fine and you can take the appropriate measures to remedy the problem.

Rats are strong pets, but not indestructible, and they need minimal care and attention that we must provide them. Affection is great medicine.

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