My dog ​​vomits white foam - Causes and treatments

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The vomiting in dogs they are, like many other symptoms, common in various canine diseases. They can also appear as a consequence of processes that have nothing to do with any pathology. To know why a dog vomits white foam we must analyze all symptoms manifested by the dog, only in this way can we guide our veterinarian and, finally, know why foamy vomiting occurs in dogs and what treatment they will need to improve

In this AnimalWised article we will collect the most common causes that explain why is my dog ​​vomiting white foam, also showing you the treatment that the veterinarian will prescribe and, finally, some basic home remedies for vomiting in dogs that will help improve the symptoms and discomfort that dogs that vomit phlegm or foam may suffer.

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  1. Why does my dog ​​vomit white foam?
  2. My dog ​​vomits white foam and does not want to eat
  3. My dog ​​vomits white foam and coughs
  4. My dog ​​coughs a lot and vomits white foam
  5. My dog ​​vomits white foam and has trouble breathing
  6. My dog ​​vomits white foam and trembles
  7. My dog ​​vomits white foam and has diarrhea
  8. My dog ​​vomits white and yellow foam
  9. My dog ​​vomits white foam, what can I give him?

Why does my dog ​​vomit white foam?

There are several causes of vomiting in dogs that can lead to white foam, foamy vomit, and phlegm. In this article we will detail the common pathologies that cause it, such as gastritis, heart problems, kennel cough or tracheal collapse. However, remember that the only figure capable of make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment is the vet.

Therefore, although this article can guide you when it comes to knowing what happens to your dog, we highly recommend visit your trusted vet and perform the tests that the specialist deems appropriate in order to reach the diagnosis. Also, remember that the sooner you start treatment, the better the prognosis for your dog..

Dog breeds with a tendency to vomit white foam

There are some breeds that due to their morphological characteristics show a greater tendency to foamy white vomit, these breeds of dogs are:

  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkshire terrier
  • Poodle or poodle
  • Maltese bichon
  • Pug or pug
  • English bulldog
  • French bulldog
  • Boxer

These dogs may possess a small diameter trachea (with or without collapse), as well as a more globose heart. In addition, the heart valves often degenerate causing cardiac abnormalities, which makes a perfect mix for these dogs to be candidates for vomiting white foam. The bulldog maybe takes the gold medal in white foam vomiting.

The veterinarian will suggest that we separate the water intake from the food, that the feeder is raised or that we not subject them to stress or anxiety after eating. But seeing us arrive from the purchase is usually enough to trigger vomiting, either from food or white foam if the stomach was empty.

My dog ​​vomits white foam and does not want to eat

True vomiting, that is, when the material accumulated in the stomach goes out, occurs in various circumstances, but the inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis), it may be the most common. If a dog suffers from gastritis due to a virus, the remains of the meals made during the day will appear in the first vomits. But just like humans, over time, if vomiting continues, a bilious or whitish-looking liquid will appear.

There is no content in the stomach, but the vomiting does not stop, and what we see is a mixture of gastric juices beaten, this being the reason that explains why a dog vomits white foam due to gastritis. Likewise, due to the health condition that he is suffering, the loss of appetite and, consequently, of weight are also common signs.

Gastritis vomiting in dogs

Regarding gastritis, it is important to note that, although the causes of irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa are multiple, we must investigate the cause that gives rise to vomiting. In general, the veterinarian can indicate a temporary fast (depending on race and age), a stomach protector to reduce acidity and an antiemetic, that is, a drug that cuts vomiting. Given that in this situation the oral route is not very effective, surely they will administer it by injection at the beginning and they will ask us to continue the treatment by mouth later, until we find the cause and treat the gastritis.

Not only do the typical gastroenteritis viruses cause white foam vomiting in dogs, but also the accidental ingestion of irritating products (some plants toxic to dogs, for example), so a good previous exploration and a collection of data as accurate as possible can help a lot to guide the diagnosis.

Remember that continuous vomiting causes the dog to lose substances essential for the balance of the body (electrolytes such as chlorine and potassium) and lead to rapid dehydration in small dogs or puppies.

Gastric mucosa irritation due to gastritis

If we understand that the liver and kidneys are part of the dog's body purification system, we will also understand that the accumulation of waste products that form when one of the two organs or both fail can irritate the gastric mucosa, among many others. things.

The kidney or liver failure Very often they show vomiting without food content, between whitish and yellowish. If our dog is of a certain age or accompanies these vomiting with other types of symptoms (urinating more, drinking more, lack of appetite in previous days, apathy, bad breath ...), it is possible that the origin is in some alteration of the system kidney or liver.

Treatment of white vomit in dogs due to gastritis

In the case of viral gastritis, we have no choice but wait for the virus to disappear. They tend to appear abruptly and disappear in a few hours but, in the meantime, we must ensure that our dog does not become dehydrated and administer the antiemetic products prescribed by our veterinarian (metoclopramide, maropitant ...), as well as stomach protectors (omeprazole , ranitidine, famotidine ...).

If it's about vomiting from irritation, as when part of a slightly toxic plant is eaten, the solution goes through identify the responsible and prevent our dog from accessing it. A stomach protector may be necessary to alleviate the production of gastric acids.

In the event that white foam vomit in dogs is due to a kidney or liver problem, there is not much we can do to prevent its appearance, we can only follow the treatment indicated by the veterinarian. But we can anticipate and detect the problem in its early stages, when we are in time to stop progress, depending on the disease in question.. Carry out annual checks in our dog from 7 or 8 years of age, depending on the breed, it can reveal initial cases of kidney failure (complete blood tests).

My dog ​​vomits white foam and coughs

Many times, the first of the symptoms of heart disease in the dog is the appearance of a hoarse, dry cough in our dogs. At the end of this violent coughing episode, vomit of white foam appears, like "beaten egg white". We can observe that the dog vomits white phlegm and does not eat.

Sometimes we confuse them with kennel cough if we already know the process, other times we think that he has choked something ... but it may be the result of a diseased heart that has begun to increase in size Faced with the impossibility of fulfilling its function (blood accumulates in its chambers without being able to pump it and dilations arise), it is then that we appreciate that "the dog vomits phlegm ".

This increase in size can compress the windpipe, irritating it and giving rise to this cough followed by white foam vomiting in dogs, although the mechanism by which heart problems cause coughing, and therefore vomiting, are more complex. Thus, we also observe that the dog vomits white foam and finds it difficult to breathe.

Vomiting from heart disease in dogs

Although not exclusively, we usually find this type of white foam vomit in older dogs or in dogs that are not elderly but present genetic tendency heart problems such as: Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese Bichon, King Charles Cavalier, Boxer...

Many times, although we do not realize it at the moment, our dog has been suffering a little for a while and we observe that at the end of the usual walk he "laughs ", which is the way we refer to excessive panting with the mouth almost in a smile, and that coughing followed by vomiting of white foam may appear when you lie down. All these data can help the veterinarian a lot together with the appropriate tests (careful auscultation, plates, echocardiography ...) to make the correct diagnosis.

Treatment is as varied as possible heart failure. There are insufficiencies, valve stenosis (they close or open badly), thickening of the heart muscle ... The same organ, a common symptom, but many possible diseases.

In general, the cough and the associated vomiting subside within a few days after starting a treatment common to almost all cardiac processes, such as a antihypertensive (enalapril, benacepril) and a mild diuretic so as not to overload the weak heart (spironolactone, chlorothiazide ...), sometimes accompanied by a special diet for heart patients.

My dog ​​coughs a lot and vomits white foam

Kennel cough is another type of irritation of the trachea that causes dry cough and foamy vomit at the end. It is known as "choking bone disease ", so that is what gives us a clue as to why the coughing fit ends with the appearance of a white foam vomit.

Vomiting from kennel cough

It is important to collect data to differentiate this type of vomiting from that caused by heart failure and help our veterinarian to rule out that something has actually been swallowed. ¿Are we missing a piece of something at home? An exploration will confirm this, but sometimes it's really small things that we didn't even know were in our kitchen or bedroom..

Prevention of kennel cough

In the article on kennel cough you will find vaccination guidelines and precautions in times of higher incidence of this infectious disease. The treatment, and therefore the disappearance of white foam vomit in dogs, depends on the case (age, previous illnesses), and our veterinarian can give us anti-inflammatory along with a cough suppressant, or in cases in which a development is feared to something worse, an antibiotic.

My dog ​​vomits white foam and has trouble breathing

Tracheal collapse also produces vomiting of white foam by causing, on many occasions, a labored breathing, coughing fit and the reason for our concern at the end. If we have a breed susceptible to suffering from it or our dog is of a certain age and they have ruled out all possible causes as the origin of white foam vomit, it is possible that this tracheal alteration is the culprit.

Vomiting from tracheal collapse in dogs

Tracheal collapse is a matter of each race, of the quality of the cartilaginous rings of the trachea and other things that are beyond our control. However, using a harness instead of a collar, keeping our dog at the ideal weight and not subjecting him to intense exercise, we can control your symptoms.

Our veterinarian may see it necessary, in severe cases, to administer bronchodiltors so that the little air that passes through the trachea reaches the lungs more easily..

My dog ​​vomits white foam and trembles

Tremors are a symptom of multiple diseases and conditions in the dog. The cold, stress, fear and even canine distemper are causes that can cause tremors in the dog. Still, tremors can indicate abdominal pain, which could be caused by poisoning or poisoning. If we observe that they do not remit, we will urgently go to the vet, especially if we are talking about a puppy.

My dog ​​vomits white foam and has diarrhea

There are some causes that can cause foamy white vomit and diarrhea that are not serious, such as indigestion from overeating or stress, however, a poisoning, blockage, or an infection they can also be the causes. Vomiting accompanied by diarrhea is a reason for veterinary consultation.

But also, if we observe that the dog vomits white foam and has bloody diarrhea, We will go to the vet urgently. Some diseases that can cause such symptoms are life-threatening, such as canine parvovirus, common in unvaccinated or immunosuppressed puppies and adult dogs..

My dog ​​vomits white and yellow foam

Yellow vomit in dogs indicates that the dog has vomited on several occasions and that, therefore, your stomach is empty. Thus, we are faced with vomiting bile, a substance secreted through the gallbladder. Green or brown vomit can also be bile. The causes are diverse, but it can be especially severe in puppy dogs, and can be caused by stress, illness, food intolerances or the intake of indigestible substances.

My dog ​​vomits white foam, what can I give him?

It is essential to note that under no circumstances should we self-medicate our dog. The only figure capable of prescribing a treatment is a registered veterinarian. Offering our dog any drug, even more so human medicines prohibited for dogs, can seriously worsen the health of our dog and even lead him to death. However, there are some home remedies for dogs with vomiting that can help our best friend to relieve symptoms naturally.

As you can see, something as general as white foam vomiting in dogs can have multiple origins. As always, from AnimalWised we encourage you to collect all the possible data of your dog to attend the consultation and that the veterinarian can determine the cause as soon as possible..

This article is merely informative, at we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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