My dog ​​is afraid of the street - why and what to do?

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There are several reasons why a dog suddenly doesn't want to go outside. If you are reading this AnimalWised article, it is probably because your dog is very afraid of the street. Normally, dogs really like to go out for a walk and are usually happy when you touch their leash. But when something bad has happened during the walk, it may happen that you suddenly feel fear.

In this article we will explain why is my dog ​​afraid of the street and what to do to solve it with a series of tips so that you can help your furry to overcome his panic on the street. However, it is also possible that you are not really afraid, but that it is another cause that prevents you from going out. In any case, we will find out together and we will get him to trust again and enjoy the walks with you.

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  1. Causes of fear of the street in dogs
  2. How to walk a scared dog?
  3. What to do with a dog that does not want to go for a walk?

Causes of fear of the street in dogs

The causes of fear of the street in dogs are as different and special as your dog is, which means that analyzing the causes of the feeling of fear is complex. If your dog is suddenly afraid to go out for a walk, you have to observe him well, since his reactions and movements can tell you what is the true reason for his behavior. The most common are a bad experience during walks and a bad socialization. It is also possible that your dog is simply fearful. We are going to analyze the different causes of fear of the street in dogs:

  • Fear of a bad experience: during the walk or during the last walks, ¿Has your dog had a fight with another? Try to remember if your friend got hurt on the walk or was bitten. Trauma may also have gotten into your brain if you were startled by a loud noise, for example from a rushing truck or construction site. It is possible that your furry one suddenly does not want to go out because there is a new work in front of your house or because you live in an area with a lot of traffic. In short, a bad experience can be fighting with a dog, being scared by a noise, getting lost and having been afraid or hurt..
  • Bad socialization: ¿what does it mean that my dog ​​is poorly socialized? When your dog is not used to being with others of his species since he was a child, he has not learned the signals and the dog's body language, it is possible that he begins to get along with other dogs. Then he will not have any interest in meeting or playing with other dogs and, in turn, will not understand their calm signals. This can lead to poor socialization, cause problems and fights during the walk..
  • Its a puppyIf you notice that your puppy is afraid to go outside, it is possible that he still has not gotten used to all the new smells, noises and impressions. This is the critical time for you to learn that going for a walk is something "super wow". To do this, take them to quiet areas and make sure they only hang out with polite and social dogs so they can teach them how to behave around older people. It is also essential that you do not overload him with too many prints. Puppies still do not have much capacity to take on new experiences, since they have to sleep for many hours a day. In any case, remember that puppies can only go outside if they are already vaccinated to ensure their health..

¿Is it really out of fear or is it for another reason?

¿Are you sure it's scary? There are several other reasons why your dog may prefer to stay home. It's advisable consult a vet if your adult dog suddenly doesn't want to go outside. The dog may develop symptoms that cause pain when walking. Hip dysplasia (HD), for example, could be a disease in older dogs that prevents them from walking normally.

On the other hand, some dogs avoid going outside during warmer or colder days. Others are afraid of the night or the noises caused by the wind. If your dog suffers from the heat in summer, avoid the hottest hours and take him out during the early hours of the morning and late at night. It is also totally normal that your dog does not want to go out when it rains.

How to walk a scared dog?

During the walk, your dog he needs you by his side. You are the person of reference and will be guided by your body language. It is essential that you make him feel safe, that there is no reason to worry. To do this, be consistent even if your dog does not want to go outside. He would notice your insecurity if you look at him all the time, talk to him too much or stop. If he stops, take him with you with determination, but without violence. The dog needs to feel that there is no danger there, outside his home. When a dog is afraid of the street, it constantly stops or pulls home, it is recommended that you put a harness so you don't hurt your neck.

Dogs are very sensitive animals, they have very acute hearing and they hear things that we could not even imagine. It is normal that certain situations or noises scare them, since they perceive it much higher than we do. So that your dog does not suffer any trauma or experience a bad association with the walk, avoid taking him outside during a storm, at rush hour with heavy traffic or during parties with many people on the street. Dogs are very afraid of fireworks and firecrackers. They can be startled by the siren of police cars, horns and trucks. Therefore, protect your dog from these noises.

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What to do with a dog that does not want to go for a walk?

¡Help, my dog ​​is afraid of the street! ¡Quiet! The first thing you should do if your dog no longer wants to go for a walk is consult an expert. Talk to your vet to examine him, maybe illness or pain is causing his behavior. If your dog is in full health but still does not go outside, you have to work on his problem. ¡Watch him and find out his fear!

The collar and harness

Dogs associate their collar, harness or leash with the walk. It is the first step to hit the streets and your necklace is the key to success. If he has any trauma that connects to the walk, he will hide every time you show him the leash. Therefore, we must work the way to prepare for the ride. Patience and love are required to make him forget his fear.

Put on his collar or harness and leave it at home so that you get used to it again without feeling afraid. When you see him calm, then it is time to take the first steps. If you don't want to go through the door, take walks home on a leash. ¡If you don't want to go outside, then walk inside! Little by little, get him used to the leash that is badly associated with his trauma from outside. Once you see him able to get out, take him to quiet areas and make sure the walks are calm and short.

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