My dog ​​can't be smelled by other dogs

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Dogs are social animals that sniff each other's butts to get to know and socialize. However, many dogs crouch, put their tails between their legs and even run away when another tries to smell them.

This it may be due to socialization problems or some trauma that has made the dog lack self-esteem and feel insecure in front of other furry ones.

If your dog does not allow himself to be smelled by other dogs, do not despair, it is not a strange situation and it happens to many, however, if it is a negative and stressful attitude that can reduce the happiness and well-being of your furry friend. Keep reading this AnimalWised article to find out why your dog cannot be smelled by other dogs and what can you do about it.

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  1. Causes of fear
  2. Treat the problem
  3. What not to do
  4. Request the help of a professional

Causes of fear

If your dog does not allow himself to be smelled by other dogs, it may be, as we have already mentioned, because he is afraid. To help you improve, we will try to identify the cause of the fear:

  • Fear of lack of socialization: Your dog may not be smelled by other dogs because he has not been properly socialized since he was a puppy and is not used to contact with other animals.
  • Fear due to trauma: dogs that have had bad experiences with other dogs can become fearful and fear contact with other dogs, even if they are not aggressive, so they do not let themselves be smelled.

Treat the problem

We do not have to get impatient if our dog does not allow himself to be smelled by other dogs, it is a self-esteem problem and has a solution with patience and a lot of love.

You can ask a friend who has a calm dog for help to start exercising with the two furry dogs.. Introduce the other dog little by little And go for a walk together to get used to your presence. When relaxed with or playing with the other dog, reward him. Little by little you will get used to it and start to feel confident until you can smell it..

What not to do

  • Under no circumstances can we lose patience yelling at the dog or getting mad at him if he doesn't move forward and doesn't let other dogs smell him. If your problem is fear, this will only make it worse..
  • You have to let it advance at its own pace, we will never force him to socialize with other dogs if you do not feel safe nor will we push you to smell it. This is something that should arise spontaneously and at the initiative of the dog..
  • Your furry can get overwhelmed if there are many dogs around him trying to smell him, so it is preferable that you do not take him to dog parks in the hours when there are more dogs, otherwise you may suffer anxiety and aggravate the problem.
  • When your dog gets scared and puts his tail between his legs when someone else goes to smell him do not caress or give him affection, even if I look for you. This only reinforces their fearful attitude, as they will associate that you are rewarding that behavior.

Request the help of a professional

If the situation does not improve and your dog cannot be smelled by other dogs, even after trying to socialize him with other trusted dogs, you will need the help of an ethologist. A professional You will be able to find the key to the problem and will be the one who best helps you overcome your fear.

In addition, a dog educator or an ethologist will not only help the dog, but will give you the necessary guidelines for you to continue working in reinforcing the animal's self-esteem on your own. In this way, you will get your dog to live a happy, balanced and relaxed life..

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