My dog ​​doesn't sleep at night

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A very common problem is dogs that do not let their owners sleep. Either because they have insomnia or because they cry, especially when they are puppies.

In order to solve the problems that your pet has to fall asleep, you must first identify where the conflict comes from. We have to find out what makes our dog sleep.

However, don't worry. We are not only going to explain why doesn't your dog sleep at night, If not, from AnimalWised we are also going to give you the keys to solve it. ¡Keep reading!

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  1. Why is your dog not sleeping
  2. How You Can Help A Puppy Sleep
  3. How to put my dog ​​to sleep

Why is your dog not sleeping

Although there are many factors that can affect your dog's insomnia, in this section we will summarize the most common:

  • Noises: just as it would happen to you. An excess of noise, firecrackers or a lightning storm can keep your dog awake.
  • Health problems: your dog can't talk and tell you if something hurts. If you see that your pet suddenly loses sleep it may be that something is bothering or hurting him. Go to the vet to rule out that the insomnia is due to a disease.
  • Cold or hot: Any excess can affect your dog from sleeping. Therefore, think carefully about where you are going to locate your pet's bed. Of course, humidity also plays a role. Discover some tips to help my dog ​​cool off.
  • Excess food: An excessive or late dinner can cause heavy digestion in your pet. Always try to have dinner at least an hour before bedtime. A good advice would be to distribute the dog's daily food in two or three servings, in this way we will help him to be satiated longer and not have heavy digestions.
  • Lack of exercise: A very important point to achieve the happiness of a dog is exercise. If your pet does not get out enough, he will be nervous, restless, and restless. Bad adjectives to be talking about falling asleep. If you think this may be the main problem, do not hesitate to visit how many times you have to walk a dog or exercise for adult dogs.

How You Can Help A Puppy Sleep

It is very common for a puppy to have trouble sleeping. Try to put yourself in their situation for a second. They have just separated him from his mother, he is in an environment he does not know and with strange people, ¿how would you feel? This point is especially important if the dog has been separated too soon. A puppy should never be separated from its mother before 2 months. Your physical and mental health can be affected.

The first important rule of thumb in getting your puppy to sleep soundly is keep a routine. Establish a schedule for walks, games and meals and stick to it to the letter. An orderly life generates a lot of tranquility in the dog.

The puppy must have his space, his zone. Ideally, it would be a refuge, that is, a small house. In any specialized store you can find booths with padded floors. However, you can also prepare a good bed yourself.

A puppy is all energy. Make sure he does the necessary exercise and exhausts all that energy within him. The first week put a ticking clock near his lair. The sound will reassure your puppy as it will remind you of your mother's heartbeat.

Heat the bed with a dryer before the dog lies down. You can also put a hot water bottle. This warmth will relax the dog and help him fall asleep..

  • Eye: there are people who put an electric blanket under the bed. It is a good idea as long as we take precautions. You must guarantee 100% that the dog cannot access the cable and will not have direct contact with the electric blanket itself. Better insulate the blanket with a towel.

In the first days it is normal for the puppy to cry. Even if it costs you, do not constantly go looking for him. The puppy will relate that crying gets your attention. Remember that this stage is somewhat complicated because we must teach the puppy how to behave and it will be essential that the guidelines we follow are the same for all members of the family.

How to put my dog ​​to sleep

A dog sleeps about 13 hours a day, about 8 or 9 at night. The rest of the hours are naps that he takes during the day. If you have ruled out that your dog has a health problem and does not sleep, check the following points:

  • Place: ¿Is the place where the dog sleeps suitable? If he sleeps in a bed, try building a shelter for him. As in the case of the puppy, a den will provide peace of mind. Surely that is how you fall asleep before.
  • Exercise: It's fundamental. If your dog has not taken out all the energy that he has inside, it is impossible for him to sleep. In fact, the problem is not only that he does not sleep. A pet that does not get the necessary exercise is an unhappy and unhealthy pet that can suffer a lot of stress.
  • Dinner: Remember to eat the last meal of the day well before bedtime. Poor digestion makes anyone sleepless.
  • Routines: ¿Do you always take your dog out at the same times? There is nothing worse for a dog than a lack of routine. Any change in your pet's life should be done very little by little.
  • Noises: ¿Have you ever stopped to think if there is noise where the dog sleeps? Maybe you have not noticed it, but the chosen area is not suitable because noises come from the street or something that makes your dog nervous.

As we explained with the puppy, a good trick is to warm the dog's bed before he goes to bed. If you see that with all these changes, your dog still does not sleep, visit an animal behavior specialist.

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