My dog ​​hides the food - Why and what to do

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If you have had or have a dog under your care, you will probably agree that these faithful companions have the ability to surprise us in our daily lives with them, performing all kinds of unusual behaviors that may even seem funny..

Surely, if you observe your dog, you must have many doubts about why they perform some of these strange behaviors. An example of this is the behavior that we will deal with in this AnimalWised article, that is, if your dog hides the food, either behind furniture, burying it, etc. For this reason, if you want to learn or have doubts about whether or not this behavior is normal, we invite you to read this article where we will solve this question.

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  1. Why is my dog ​​hiding food?
  2. Should I be concerned if my dog ​​is hiding food?
  3. What to do if my dog ​​hides food?

Why is my dog ​​hiding food?

For a dog to hide its food is completely normal, since this behavior is part of its instinct and the dog carries it out for various reasons that we will discuss below:

  • To protect the food of others. The most reasonable cause that explains why your dog hides food is that he sees it necessary to hide it from other animals with whom he lives. Frequently, this is due to if he lives with more dogs or animals which, either due to lack of supervision or because they do not feel satisfied with their own food, steal each other's food. It is also common in these cases, to see that the dog eats very quickly, to prevent the other from taking it away, being detrimental to its long-term health.
  • It's great value food. Your dog may hide the food only when you promptly give him a delicious treat, such as a treat or a bone to gnaw on, so he saves it for later enjoyment.
  • Unsuitable environment. If the environment in which your dog is when eating is not entirely comfortable for him, it is natural for him to feel stressed and move to another place to eat. For example, if your food bowl is in a very noisy place, in a busy space or, on the other hand, in one that is too isolated, it is normal that you seek to feel better in another part of the home. In these cases it is when we can observe that the dog takes the food to his bed. Not all dogs want to eat alone or all with someone else, the important thing is to understand what yours needs. If your dog is one of those who does not eat if you are not, do not miss this other article: "¿Why isn't my dog ​​eating or I'm not with him? ".
  • You do not have an adequate diet. Perhaps the reason why your dog hides his food is that he does not eat enough daily amount that he needs. By not eating enough, you are hungry and need to dose it throughout the day, as well as save it to ensure that you can eat later. See the article on Amount of daily food for dogs.
  • Negative past experiences. When a dog has been hungry due to a complicated and stressful past (for example if it was abandoned), for survival it may have developed this habit of hiding food to ensure that it has food for later.
  • Gambling or boredom. Finally, your dog may hide or bury the food simply because it is entertaining. In addition, if your dog spends a lot of time alone or does not do enough activity in his day to day, he may find himself bored and seek fun in this way.

Should I be concerned if my dog ​​is hiding food?

If your dog hides or buries food in a timely manner, such as when hiding some succulent food, you should not be alarmed. However, it is recommended that later you find the food to prevent it from rotting and eating it in poor condition.

Now, as you have seen, some of the reasons why your dog hides food can be cause for alarm, since the fact that he saves or buries the food shows that it feels insecure regarding a resource as important to him as food. Either because you are afraid that others will take it away or because you are going through or have been hungry in the past, you must look for the cause and treat it.

Also, if you notice that your dog is weird Since you have started to perform this behavior or before, it is also a reason to worry, as it can be a way of expressing that you feel stress or boredom. Therefore, check if your dog's behavior is normal or if he has other symptoms of stress, such as nervousness, excessive barking…

What to do if my dog ​​hides food?

If you recognize any of the causes we have mentioned, don't worry, as you can solve this problem by following the appropriate guidelines:

  • Separate the animals at mealtime. ¿Wouldn't you feel uncomfortable if you always had someone next to you who wouldn't let you eat in peace? If this is the situation your dog is experiencing, that is, living with a companion who keeps stealing food from his bowl, the simplest solution is to separate them at mealtime. In this way, you will ensure that each one takes their corresponding part, as well as overcoming this stressful situation for all..
  • Find a comfortable area. If the area where your dog eats is not pleasant for him (especially if he has a rather insecure nature), try placing your furry's food in a quiet area away from stressful stimuli around.
  • Change your diet and schedule. If you doubt whether you give your dog enough food or if he has an adequate diet based on his size and daily exercise, the best thing you can do is consult a veterinarian for advice on a suitable diet change. In the same way, in order not to generate anxiety in your dog, which is impatiently waiting for its food, you should try to comply with a feeding schedule.
  • Environmental enrichment. If your dog lives in a stimulus-poor environment, without objects or items to distract himself while at home alone, it is natural for him to seek fun in his own way. Therefore, apart from making sure you spend enough time with him daily (walks, games, etc.), seek to enrich your home by adding durable toys such as kong, hidden prizes around the house or to gnaw on..

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