My cat spends a lot of time alone

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Many times, the fast pace of our day to day does not allow us to dedicate as much time to our felines as we would like. Therefore, most domestic cats spend long hours alone, which can result in an animal with symptoms of boredom and accumulation of stress.

In addition to favoring behavior problems, sedentary lifestyle is a serious risk factor for many diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, as well as cardiovascular problems. And don't forget that a cat stimulated during the day means better nights sleep for their guardians..

¿Your cat spends a lot of time alone and you wonder how to entertain him during your absence.? Well, ¡you entered the perfect page! In this AnimalWised article, we offer you some practical and effective tips to keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated during your absence..

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  1. Enriching your cat's environment
  2. Toys and accessories to entertain a cat left alone
  3. Visual stimuli
  4. Olfactory stimulation
  5. What if my cat gets bored of playing alone?
  6. Remember to enjoy every moment with your pussycat

Enriching your cat's environment

When a cat is left alone and has no one to play with, it is very important that it has an enriched environment to be able to exercise its body and mind, and not get bored. The concept of environmental enrichment It is very broad and includes different factors that allow us to offer a better quality of life to our kittens. To enrich the environment of your cat, you can resort to objects (toys, scratchers, climbing shelves, hiding places), and to sensory stimuli, as scents, pictures and interactive toys that awaken and stimulate the senses of felines.

However, it is very important that don't overload the environment of your cat so as not to confuse it or limit its circulation space. Food, toilet, rest and fun areas should be fine separated from each other, to allow better hygiene and respect the needs of our kittens.


Toys and accessories to entertain a cat left alone

In the pet supply stores, You can find many toys, scratchers, hiding places and fun structures for cats. However, you can also use your creativity to make your own DIY homemade toys to entertain and tire your cat, taking advantage of recycled materials.

In addition, at AnimalWised, we teach you how to make a homemade and super fun scratcher for your kittens. On the other hand, remember that cats are capable of having fun with a simple cardboard box to make their hiding place, especially if you can put it in the highest areas of the home, which are the favorites of our kittens..

We must remember the importance of guarantee the security of pussy when choosing or making a toy. We must not offer objects that are small in size or contain very small pieces or decorations. These elements can get stuck in your feline's throat, creating the risk of suffocation. In addition, the ingestion of foreign and indigestible bodies favors the development of irritations and diseases of the digestive tract, such as gastritis..

We must also ensure that activities don't be frustrating for our kittens. The games of chasing a laser light, for example, propose an unreachable prey to the feline, which generates frustration and irritability after many hours of play. Positive and fun activities for a cat are those that allow them to exercise their instincts and enjoy the success of reach your goal.

Visual stimuli

The simplest way to offer visual stimulation to a cat is leave a window open where I can look outside. Ideally, the feline should observe the movement of people and other animals, as well as the natural stimuli in the environment. But it is important that this view is not directed to unreachable prey, such as pigeons or other birds, since this would generate enormous frustration in our kittens.

Olfactory stimulation

The smell Your cat's is incredibly powerful, and it plays an important role in her understanding of the world and the way she interacts with the environment. Therefore, it is very important to stimulate this sense of our kittens. The famous catnip (or catnip) is usually very effective for the olfactory stimulation of domestic felines.

What if my cat gets bored of playing alone?

If you spend a lot of time away from home, they may get tired of just playing with the same toys and show symptoms of boredom again. If that happens, it may be a good time to think about giving him a companion of his own kind. However, it is very important that you know the personality of your kitten and consider if living with another individual will do him good. If you perceive that your pussycat has good sociability, you can adopt a cat so that they can have fun together during your absence.

It is worth remembering that it is essential that the cat is properly socialized with other felines, so that it accepts as far as possible the arrival of a new cat in its territory. In addition, it will be necessary to know how to correctly present the new cat to your feline, to stimulate a good coexistence in your home..

Also remember that your kittens should not be forced to share their objects and environments, so each of them must have their own toys, feeders, drinkers, sandboxes and rest areas..

Remember to enjoy every moment with your pussycat

Even if you provide the best toys and sensory stimuli to your kitty, his physical and mental well-being will also depend on the attention and affection that you offer daily. Therefore, do not let yourself be overcome by fatigue or stress after a day of work. Reservation half an hour a day to play with your kitten and create quality moments that will do great good for the health of both.

There are many fun and simple activities that you can do with your cat, such as playing catch or hide-and-seek, using the "magic wand " to stimulate his hunting instinct, or proposing a "fishing adventure " when casting his favorite toy tied on a string to arouse their curiosity and the desire to catch their "prey". Always remember reinforce your pussy with a treat or a caress to recognize their effort and encourage them to continue learning and discovering new experiences.

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