My pregnant cat gets liquid - Causes and what to do

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Although it is easy to keep in mind the heat of bitches, characterized by the emission of a vaginal discharge, the truth is that the reproductive cycle of cats is different. They are seasonal polyestrics and, when in heat, they do not bleed. Therefore, any vaginal discharge in this species is a reason for veterinary consultation..

The visit to the vet becomes even more urgent if the liquid we observe comes from a pregnant cat, regardless of the coloration, as it can indicate serious problems. Next, in this AnimalWised article, we will explain the causes that can explain why does a pregnant cat get liquid and what to do in each case.

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  1. Pregnancy and delivery of the cat
  2. My cat is pregnant and she expels a yellow liquid, what happens to her?
  3. My cat is pregnant and she spills a green liquid, why?

Pregnancy and delivery of the cat

Before going on to explain why a pregnant cat gets liquid, it is important that we are clear about some aspects related to pregnancy and childbirth in this species. To begin with, the gestation period lasts for a few nine weeks, about 63 days. From that date, delivery can happen at any time.

The cat usually gives birth at night without complications, although we must be vigilant, with discretion, in case any complications arise. Among them is the discharge of fluid from the vulva. As we will develop in the following sections, a discharge can be a sign of imminent or urgent delivery that will require the intervention of the veterinarian. Keeping the cat healthy, well fed, internally and externally dewormed and vaccinated helps to avoid problems during pregnancy. Likewise, veterinary monitoring can detect alterations early. In addition, if this professional calculates the number of kittens to be expected, we will have more information when assessing the course of delivery..

On the other hand, the expulsion of liquid is not always appreciable because the cat will lick itself and, therefore, we will not always be able to see it. Therefore, we must be attentive to any sign of discomfort or change in the cat's behavior and quickly contact the veterinarian..

My cat is pregnant and she expels a yellow liquid, what happens to her?

If our pregnant cat gets it clear white, yellowish, or clear liquid and it is at term, it may be an indication that labor has begun and the departure of the first kitten is imminent. We can also observe secretion when the mucous plug. This is a formation that has kept the uterus closed during gestation. It can begin to shed between a week and three days before delivery and is included among the signs of labor. It is a more or less fluid mucous discharge.

When the liquid removed is fluid and clear, it usually corresponds to the so-called amniotic fluid, which indicates that the bag that has housed the kitten in the uterus has ruptured and it will be released shortly. If it does not do so and in a few hours there are no signs of labor, you must contact the veterinarian. It may be a dystocia or difficult delivery. Consultation "¿How long does a cat give birth? "To know if your feline's is going correctly.

On the other hand, if the liquid comes out when the cat is not yet full term, it is a veterinary emergency. The discharge can come either from the womb or from urine. The reason could be a infection. It must be taken into account that the vulva may appear stained with urine which, when there is an infection, is usually cloudy, very yellow or even reddish if it contains blood..

For all the above, when a pregnant cat comes out white or transparent liquid, the most common is that she is in labor. Now, when the liquid is very yellow and it is still early for labor to occur, it may be an infection and you have to go to the vet as soon as possible..

My cat is pregnant and she spills a green liquid, why?

As in the previous section, the expulsion of a greenish liquid in a pregnant cat can precede the arrival of a kitten in the world. In this case it would be normal, but if the little one is not born soon, we must seek professional help. If we observe greenish vaginal discharge, we may also be facing a dystocia or difficult delivery, that requires the intervention of the veterinarian.

If our pregnant cat gets green fluid and is not yet in labor, she could be experiencing some type of infection or abortion. Feline pregnancies can be ruined by factors attributable to the mother or kittens. It is due to viral or bacterial infectious diseases, parasites, genetic abnormalities, mismanagement, drug use, etc. Hence the importance of taking care of the cat's health and, above all, of avoiding breeding through spaying or neutering..

If the abortion happens at the beginning of pregnancy, the fetuses are reabsorbed and, although the cat may lose fluid, it does not always do so and, in addition, it is easy for her to lick it, which will go unnoticed. When the gestation is more advanced it is possible that the flow contains tissues or even embryos. The cat can eat them. Other times kittens are stillborn. Sometimes the cat aborts some kittens but continues to gestate the rest. There may also be dead kittens in the uterus that need to be expelled to prevent problems such as infections. For all these reasons, it is so important go to the vet before the discovery of any flow in our cat.

For more details on abortion in cats, check out this article: "Symptoms of abortion in a cat ".

This article is merely informative, at we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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