My rabbit has tangled hair

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There are breeds of rabbits more prone to suffer tangled hairs, such as Angora rabbits and other long-haired breeds. Regular brushing is always advisable, especially during periods when the rabbit sheds its hair..

However, frequently the hair of our rabbits tends to become matted and we notice that the rabbit has tangled hair.

If you continue reading AnimalWised, you will see in detail what can you do if your rabbit has tangled hair, follow our homemade tricks:

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Brushing the rabbit

The regular brushing The rabbit is a basic care that our pet requires to preserve its beauty, and what is more important: its Health.

The removal of dead hair from the rabbit's coat greatly reduces the risk that our pet suffers from dangerous trichobezoars (hairballs in the stomach). In long-haired breeds, brushing should be daily.

Brushing instruments

The length of the bristles of the brush intended to brush our rabbit must be a function of the length of hair that our rabbit's coat has. Short hair requires short bristle brushes. Medium hairs require medium bristle brushes. Long hair needs a longer barb length. If the brushes are made of plastic, their bristles must end with ball-shaped tips, so as not to damage the animal's epidermis..

The horsehair brushes of horse are very effective, since they are thick, soft and firm at the same time, and with a very useful factor: are electrostatically charged. With which the dead hair is attracted like a magnet by the mane, sticking to the brush.

Metal cards can also be used, but they should be used with great caution.

Brushing technique

For brush well the rabbit has to be done against the grain and in favor of the hair.

We will start brushing with long strokes against the grain and without going too deep. It is about raising the rabbit's fur in advance. Then, with shorter strokes and a slight twist of the wrist, we will try to make the bristles of the brush separate the dead hair from the rabbit's dermis and adhere to the brush (we continue brushing against the grain).

Then, once well brushed against the grain, we will comb gently in favor of the hair using the same brush (from which we will have previously gotten rid of the dead hair attached to its bristles).

¡Attention to sitting rabbits!

One part that is usually not properly brushed is the rabbit's buttocks, since if it likes brushing it will sit down and the whole process is easier for us..

But it is precisely there, in the bunny butt where they usually occur the biggest entanglements.Sitting is a comfortable position for the rabbit as it rests, while allowing it to be vigilant in case it has to run away.

Therefore, they must also brush there; something that many rabbits are not enthusiastic about, rather the opposite.

Using the scissors

To detangle the hair, it is best to use the so-called "emptying scissors ". This cutting instrument allows to lighten the density of the tangled hair, thus facilitating the untangling of the knots and leaving part of the hair intact, which does not show large shearing in the rabbit's hair, except if it is a "potato. "working as a hairdresser.

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