My rabbit bites the cage - why and what to do?

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Surely sometimes you have woken up to the noise of your rabbit's teeth biting the cage. It's about a very habitual behavior in rabbits, but... ¿why do they do it? Today, we know that rabbits are sociable, lively and very active animals, which is why it is increasingly common to see them outside the cages than inside them. However, many guardians choose to cage the rabbits at night, so that during the early morning or with the first rays of the day, the bunnies may bite the cage again and again. So, if our furry has been able to exercise all day, ¿why does he keep biting the cage?

In this AnimalWised article, we'll explain why does my rabbit bite the cage and what to do. You will discover tips to prepare a suitable space for your rabbit and we will explain the reasons why it bites the cage.

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  1. Why do rabbits bite the cage?
  2. How much space does a rabbit need?
  3. How to prevent my rabbit from biting the cage?

Why do rabbits bite the cage?

If your rabbit chews on the cage, it could be due to the following:

Wants out

Rabbits have a huge need to move. In addition, they have high peaks of activity, so living in a cage their entire lives is agony for these animals. Therefore, when your rabbit bites the bars of its cage, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • Stress or nerves.
  • The cage is small and cannot move.
  • Are stressed or nervous.
  • Is bored.

In other words: he wants to get out of there. So that this does not happen, although the ideal would be to be able to allow the rabbit to live outside the cage, If you prefer to have a cage at your disposal for certain times of the day, it should be as spacious as possible.

You will find more information about how a rabbit cage should be, as well as other rabbits for its correct care in this other article on Rabbit care.

Is bored

Another possible reason why a rabbit chews on the cage is boredom from being alone or from a lack of stimulation. Rabbits are very curious animals, and if they live alone they get very bored, so when they bite the bars of the cage ask for more variety and activity. The solution is to keep them in pairs and, of course, offer them plenty of space to run and play..

Try providing playhouses, wooden tunnels, and chew toys for entertainment. After a few days, remove them or exchange them for others. Thus, the "old toys " will be interesting again after a while without seeing them. Another option is to make homemade toys for rabbits.. ¡Your hairy will have a blast!

Wants to get your attention

Keep in mind that rabbits they are very social animals, those who like (and need) to be with us and / or with other pets. If your furry is in his cage and he is watching you go by or hears you talking, he is likely to bite the cage to get your attention, so many times our rabbit will not bite the cage until we are around.

On the other hand, if your cage or enclosure is spacious and has everything you need, it may also try to get your attention by biting it because it has hungry thirsty or why your corner is already somewhat dirty (Let's also remember that rabbits are very clean animals).

It is part of their behavior

In addition to the possible reasons that we have explained about why rabbits bite the cage, we cannot forget that biting is part of the natural behavior of these animals. What's more, due to the constant growth of their teeth, rabbits they need to gnaw constantly, as we explained in this other article about My rabbit has very long teeth - ¿Why and what to do?

On the other hand, rabbits are twilight animals, which means that they are most active in the first hours of the day and the first hours of the night. Therefore, if at those times they are in the cage, it is completely normal that they want to go out to run and play.

How much space does a rabbit need?

If you plan the possibility of adopting a rabbit, you must prepare to live with it, and not separately, because they need environmental stimuli. Therefore, rabbits must be housed where family life takes place, unless you live outside in the garden, in the open air, where you feel the falling leaves, the snow, the wind and the songs of the birds.

Maintaining and caring for them takes time and is complicated. Our furry friends are living beings who deserve the best care and freedom. They are very fast and running is in their blood, that's why they need to be able to go out to satisfy their instincts. But if the cage is not avoidable, make it as big as possible and have a minimum of 6 m2 per rabbit. In addition, we will let them out of the cage several times a day.

The rabbit needs a lot of space to be able to do the following movements and maneuvers, just as you would in its natural habitat:

  • Do a binki (the wild jump and spin in the air that rabbits do).
  • Escape and run away when scared.
  • Play with items or toys.
  • Buzzing at 60 km / h.
  • Being able to avoid your partner, sometimes.
  • Jumping for joy.
  • Staying fit and active to avoid obesity.

Bar cage solution

Biting the cage grid is harmful to rabbit teeth and, depending on the bars, their coating can be poisonous. Also, it is annoying and noisy if it suddenly starts biting the cage in the middle of the night.. ¿What to do if my rabbit bites the cage? In extreme cases, this behavior can be remedied by closing the enclosure by covering the lower area with methacrylate or transparent compact polycarbonate..

How to prevent my rabbit from biting the cage?

Rabbits are sensitive and demanding animals. But if we take care of them with respect and affection they will accept us as friends. By following these tips, they will help us get our bunny to have a long happy life and hopefully don't bite the cage:

  • Adopt another rabbit: Since rabbits are gregarious animals, they should never be alone. Therefore, if you live with a furry one at home, we advise you to consider the possibility of adopting another rabbit to keep him company.
  • Give him space to play- When the rabbit lives indoors, make sure the apartment or house is safe for him and has plenty of space for daily exercise. They often like to chew on wires, chair legs, furniture, and rugs. You can design an enclosure in the garden and give it more freedom. ¡A standard cage can never be the habitat of rabbits!
  • Understand him: ¡don't be mad if the rabbit makes noises at night! They are crepuscular, which means that they get up very early and bite, scratch and hit at night and early in the morning. This behavior is normal and should be tolerated at home.
  • Pay attention: Rabbits need a lot of affection, especially if they do not have a companion of the same species. Spend time and you will see how in a while you will have a more loving and calm rabbit by your side.
  • Keep his cage clean: cages or enclosures must be cleaned regularly. A dirty cage is not only unhygienic for your animal, it will make your rabbit more uncomfortable and therefore probably noisier..

Cover the rabbit's cage at night

Many rabbit guardians believe that covering the rabbit's cage at night will help it stop biting. While this practice may work momentarily, can be dangerous for the rabbit. In fact, covering the rabbit's cage is what it achieves is to isolate the cold that it can make in the experience. Rabbits carry the cool better than the heat and the ideal environmental temperature for them is between 18 and 20 degrees, so if we cover their cage we can run the risk of heatstroke.

If they live inside the apartment, where temperatures do not usually reach very low at night, it will not be necessary to cover the cage. However, if your bunnies live outside, for example, in the garden or on the terrace, and temperatures below zero are reached at night, it will be necessary to protect their enclosure from the cold. In such a case, it is very important that the rabbits have a shelter to hide and hay to make a warm nest. When covering their enclosure, make sure it has proper ventilation so that the rabbits have fresh air.

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