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Choosing the best dog food It is not an easy task considering the wide variety of brands that we can find in the market. The most advisable thing is to opt for those products of higher quality, however, on many occasions we can think that these foods are linked to an excessive price. ¿Is this true? Not always, as there are also a large number of brands that offer very competitive prices and high-quality ingredients. But, ¿how to identify them?

In this AnimalWised article we share the keys to learning how to identify quality feed and we show a list with good value for money dog ​​food. Keep reading and choose the most suitable for your dog.

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  1. What is the best value for money for dogs??
  2. NFNatcane canine nutrition
  3. Taste of the Wild
  4. Hill 's
  5. Fish4Dogs

What is the best value for money for dogs??

When choosing the best dog food on the market, the first thing we must take into account is the nutritional need of our furry friend, as well as their characteristics. Thus, we will pay attention to:

  • The age Of the dog
  • His size adult
  • The level of physical activity
  • Your state of Health

Puppies, adults and the elderly require specific needs, which is why it is essential to select the food that indicates the age or stage for which it has been designed. In this sense, if our dog suffers from a health problem, such as those related to the joints, kidney failure, etc., which include a specific diet in the treatment, we will also look for those foods that adapt to their situation and, above all Everything, we will consult with the veterinarian so that he is the one who indicates the best product.

Once we know the characteristics of our dog and we know what it needs, ¿How do we choose the best feed in terms of value for money? Looking at your composition. It is recommended to always opt for those feeds that use top quality raw materials, natural foods and, depending on each case, a minimum percentage of cereals or none. For this, we do not necessarily have to go to the most expensive feed, since a higher price is not always indicative of good quality, nor a lower price synonymous with bad. For this reason, we recommend consulting the article "Composition of dog food " to learn how to decipher the labels of these products.

Tips for identifying a good dog food

As we said, to know if a feed is suitable or not, it is necessary to review its composition. In general, quality feed is considered to be those that:

  • They specify the products used. Thus, a feed that indicates in its composition "chicken meat " will always be more recommended than one that only says "meat ". Along the same lines, feeds with "by-products of animal or vegetable origin " are not recommended either.
  • They use natural ingredients. Natural, fresh and analyzed products are always a guarantee of quality.
  • They give priority to the contribution of animal protein. Although the dog is considered an omnivorous animal, its body still needs a greater contribution of animal protein than other nutrients, which is why we must look at the percentage destined for this component. This percentage will vary depending on the needs of each dog but, as we indicated, with the exception of some cases due to health issues, it must contain more meat and fish than fruits and vegetables, for example.
  • They include natural and quality fruits, vegetables, legumes or cereals. All these foods contribute to the dog fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals good for your body, as long as they are added in the right percentage and appropriate products are used. Check the article "Fruits and vegetables forbidden for dogs " to know what ingredients to avoid.
  • They add natural chondroprotectants, L-carnitine, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, taurine, probiotics and all those elements that favor the health of the animal, improve the condition of the skin and coat, and guarantee good digestion..

The quality ingredients will result in greater assimilation and digestibility. Within this general trend, we must choose the product that fits the characteristics of our dog to meet their nutritional needs. Likewise, it is also important that we make sure that the chosen product does not use a high content of ingredients with a higher rate of allergies or less digestive, such as some cereals..

However, ¿What is the best value for money for dogs? Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question with the name of a brand, since, as we have advanced, it is vital to adapt the food to the dog's situation. So, below we share a list of good value for money dog ​​food. The prices indicated are approximate and, in all cases, established according to the cheapest variant, being less expensive to purchase a larger bag than a smaller one..

NFNatcane canine nutrition

NFNatcane offers its customers a variety of foods designed to meet the nutritional needs of each dog. All of them manufactured entirely in Spain, with natural and quality ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavors, They are classified into two broad ranges: health and gourmet.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has a free advice to be able to choose the food that each dog needs. This, together with the wide variety of products it offers, translates into an increase in the success rate of choosing the right product for the dog in question..

Inside of health range We find dog food with an excellent value for money, since they are manufactured to meet specific needs, maintaining a correct balance between all the ingredients. Thus, we find hypoallergenic feed, feed for overweight dogs, feed for fish dogs, etc. Refering to gourmet range, Despite being a bit more expensive than the previous one, it is still an affordable product with great quality. 100% of the meat and fish used are processed with systems that favor digestibility and greatly reduce the risk of intolerances. It is a range with quality ingredients, very varied and very appetizing for dogs. On the other hand, it specifically cares for the joints with the highest content of chondroproctors and adds antioxidants with assorted fruits.

Value for money

NFNatcane is considered one of the best value for money dog ​​food brands for several reasons. The first one, the use of natural ingredients and the great variety of products. In this sense, it is important to highlight the most used products: salmon, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, fruits, legumes and brown rice. Thus, they also use antioxidants, preservatives and natural aromas, as well as essential elements for the proper functioning of the body and proper skin and coat health such as L-carnitiva, taurine, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and yeast. beer, among others, resulting in highly palatable foods for dogs as well as beneficial.

The second reason is the manufacturing process used, guaranteeing a easy assimilation of food, digestibility and reduction of risks of intolerances, something that is also achieved with the ingredients used.

For all the above, we can conclude that NFNatcane is a brand of quality dog ​​food, with a wide variety of foods and with good results, all at an affordable price. Their products are not available in online stores, with the exception of yours, so the sale is much more direct.

Taking an average of all the products, the price per kg of feed it's found over € 3.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is a canine feeding company with a wide range of products which, for many, could be classified as exotic due to the ingredients used, such as duck meat, wild boar, bison or smoked salmon. The results enhance the quality of the products of this brand, however, it should be noted that it is surprising that the percentage of each ingredient is not specified in the composition of their feed, although the general nutritional percentages are indicated.

Available both in bags of dry feed and in cans of wet food, Taste of the Wild offers a whole variety to select the food adapted to the animal.

Value for money

This brand has been recognized numerous times as one of the best dog food brands in the USA. However, and although its quality is acceptable, the nutritional information, as we said, leaves some variables in the air..

Due to the export costs and since it is a brand that is sold through physical and online stores, and not directly through the manufacturer, the price of its products is somewhat higher than that of the previous brand, therefore that we can say that, in general terms and making an average of all foods, the price per kg of weight is located in the € 4.2.

Hill 's

Hill 's Dog Food Company was founded by Dr. Mark Morris, who began making the first foods in the late 1930s, and has since grown to become the brand we know today. It has become one of the companies leaders in therapeutic nutrition for dogs and cats, so that they offer a whole range of products for the treatment of different health problems and pathologies, such as those related to the joints, the digestive or kidney systems. Each of these products is part of the "Prescription Diet " range and is formulated to treat a certain ailment, problem or disease, so their ingredients and percentages are different based on this. Thus, when selecting a Hill 's product, we advise doing so under the advice of your veterinarian..

On the range of products for dogs that do not suffer from diseases, cataloged as "Science Plan ", we also find a great variety that includes feed without cereals, hypoallergenic, with meat, with fish, etc. Although the results and the veterinarians praise the quality of the food, we see it important to highlight that, as with the previous brand, the percentages used for each ingredient are not specified..

Value for money

As we say, it is a product brand that stands out, above all, for its range of foods formulated for therapeutic uses. So if our dog needs to follow a specific diet to treat a certain disease, Hill 's is more than recommended for its value for money and results..

This brand is also marketed in online and physical stores, so the sale is not direct either and, therefore, the costs are higher due to the export and the profit that the shops must take. Thus, we can establish the average price of the Science Plan range per kg of weight between 4 and 5 €, and about the € 7 / kg the Prescription Diet range.


Fish4Dogs stands out as a food company for dogs that bases its formulas on the use of fish, so that all its products are considered hypoallergenic and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It uses natural ingredients and offers both dry dog ​​food and treats, wet food and food supplements such as salmon oil. It does not use added sugars, or artificial preservatives, or colorings or cereals, but opts for the use of foods such as potatoes or peas, in addition to fish, to obtain complete and nutritious products.

In addition to the above reasons, Fish4Dogs is considered one of the best dog food in value for money because it offers total transparency regarding the ingredients used to manufacture the products, adding the percentages of each of them, nutritional composition and additives.

Value for money

Above all, their treats have received numerous awards for their quality, as in addition to being nutritious, dogs are very fond of their taste. Fish4Dogs can be purchased through its own website but also through external stores. Regarding the price of feed, due to the export costs it is higher, being the average per kg about € 4.5-5.5.

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