Monarch butterflies Endangered!

These beautiful monarch butterflies best known for their extremely long survival trips from the United States and Canada to Mexico, thanks to Mexico having the perfect winter weather for them.

At the time of the emigration of the monarch butterflies they leave everyone who has the opportunity to look at them astonished, but with the different problems that we will talk about below they have left them on the brink of extinction in Mexico, it is estimated that if they continue to plummet in less than 5 years they will be extinct.

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  • Main causes of extinction
    • Climate change
    • Loss of habitat
    • Pesticides
  • Its main characteristics
    • It is native to South and North America
    • They migrate in winter
    • Adults are characterized
    • Latest data
    • Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  • Let's not let them go extinct! What do you think about it?

Main causes of extinction

Monarch butterflies

There are three causes of the early extinction of butterflies monarch and they are, climate change, the loss of their habitat and the use of pesticides, without a doubt they are big problems that at first glance may not seem very serious But they are! That is why I will take the time to explain each cause to make all readers aware. 

Climate change

With the passing of the last decades we have noticed the climatic changes around the world, monarch butterflies They usually do not last more than a few weeks and yet they fill us with joy, but the changes in both the North and the South of the United States force them to emigrate before their time, creating disease and death for them..

Loss of their habitat

The illegal felling of trees in areas where they live is a very serious problem, governments warn citizens of the places where they live as a preventive measure, but they do not protect those places, creating insecurities for them.


As if that were not enough, the excessive use of pesticides in the last decade has endangered several species, since these butterflies when they are larvae feed on cotton flowers, and they also reproduce in these flowers, making their reproduction increasingly difficult. because of pesticides.

Its main characteristics

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The monarch butterfly has great qualities that make them unique, I will mention the most remarkable characteristics of them, although it is enough to see their photographs to want to keep them forever..

It is native to South and North America

Despite their place of origin, over the years they have expanded to Australia, New Zealand, the island of Mauritius, several islands in the Pacific and some areas of western Europe..

They migrate in winter

When they emigrate to Invierto, those who return are the next four or five future generations.

Adults are characterized

Wings orange or reddish in color, with some forms of veins and points on their wings.

Latest data

Currently there are about 200,000 which is approximately 1.7 hectares but in 1996 there were about 35 million butterflies that were about 45 hectares

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

It is located in the state of Michoacán in Mexico with a total area of ​​56,000 hectares.

Let's not let them go extinct! What do you think about it?

Let's not let species continue to become extinct, there are fewer and fewer. We are still on time! We have to unite. What do you think? Comment your ideas!

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