Visitors watch a tiger devour its keeper at the Zurich Zoo

The events have occurred in a Zurich zoo, where a caregiver was inside the lions' cage, a situation that is still being investigated because the two should never have coincided in this space, something that cost her death when she was eaten live and in full view of the visitors who were they were in the place at that very moment.

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  • A Siberian tigress kills her keeper at Zurich zoo
  • They open an investigation to clarify why the caregiver was in the cage
  • Visitors receive psychological assistance

A Siberian tigress kills her keeper at Zurich zoo

According to local sources, a female siberian tiger devoured his caretaker at the Zurich zoo while several zoo visitors were watching the scene.

The events took place in the afternoon when this 55-year-old employee entered the cage to carry out a series of regular jobs.

Shortly after entering, the feline jumped on her and began the torture for this woman, after which he killed her and ate part of her body.


This caregiver had been working in this center for more than two years, and had extensive experience in the care and knowledge of the characteristics of this species, which makes it much more difficult to believe that something like this could have happened..

In fact, he had previously been working on a Odense zoo in Denmark, and at the moment he was making a substitution of another professional who had also died from the attacks suffered by another tiger.

The biggest problem is that the care and maintenance tasks are carried out when the tiger cage is empty, thus avoiding the professional's contact with these dangerous animals..

However, on this occasion they both coincided inside, which is strange even to the director of the Zurich Zoo..

They open an investigation to clarify why the caregiver was in the cage

It is already the second tiger aggression resulting in death in the last two years at the same zoo, which has made the authorities take the situation very seriously and open an investigation with the aim of clarifying what happened.

For his part, Severin Dressen, the zoo director declares that it is a very young tiger and that to date it had never shown signs of aggression, which makes what happened much more strange.

He also does not understand the reasons why the caregiver was inside the cage while the cats were loose, and although at first it was attributed to an oversight due to the fact that the center had been closed until just a month ago due to the coronavirus, the investigation must continue its course since there have been two tragic events in a very short period of time.

Visitors receive psychological assistance

After seeing the cruel images in which the Siberian tigress plays, tortures and kills the caretaker, The visitors as well as the companions who came to their aid, needed to psychological help.

At this time the state of these people is not known, but they inform us that some of them have had to undergo long-term treatments to be able to overcome what happened..

It is very important that we become aware of the behavior of animals, and this experience of the Zurich Zoo has shown us that, although it is true that sometimes they can appear tame and awaken our confidence, we must not forget that they have an energetic nature. instinct that must be taken into account in order to avoid further accidents.

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