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Are you looking for the interpretation or the meaning of dreams? Have you had a very strange dream and you don't know how to interpret it? Do you want to know what dreams mean? Dream interpretation is an interesting method that allows you to get to know yourself better and reflect on the situation you are facing.
is living.

According to Freud, dreams serve to communicate everything that the conscious mind cannot accept. Unconscious desires that you do not want to recognize and that for this reason appear in dreams represented in a symbolic way. After all, dreams are the means of expression of repressed desires that people have.

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For thousands of years dreams have been considered a form of contact with divinity and the best way to predict future events. Every night dreams bring us unusual universes, mysterious characters, infernal or angelic visions, wonderful episodes that we could not
live awake.

Dream is to open a door of the mind. All hopes, ambitions, desires, fears, ghosts, friends, good and bad times reside there, are part of the primitive mind and constitute a way of access to realities that are beyond the reach of logic, they have been studied through the centuries and form an important part of modern psychoanalysis.

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But what exactly are dreams?

Although we have all lived this experience, we know that dreams go beyond what we can tell about them with our words. Sometimes they are so sharp and intense that they seem real and even confuse us when we wake up


Is it real or have I dreamed it? Other times they are diffuse, volatile, without apparent meaning. That is why we want to find the meaning of dreams. These differences have their scientific explanation in the so-called phases of sleep.

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Within sleep, two major phases can be distinguished: the so-called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase and the non-REM or NREM phase. At the beginning of sleep, the NREM phase takes place, which is divided into four stages:

Stage 1:

It is the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep, and lasts about 5% of the sleep time. It is characterized by the slowing of brain waves, as well as the heartbeat, and in this stage sleep is easily interrupted.

Stage 2:

It represents more than 50% of the sleep time. Brain waves become even slower, muscle tone becomes weaker, and sleep is harder to interrupt..

Stages 3 and 4:

It would be called deep sleep, since it is when the slowest brain waves take place. It further decreases muscle tone, as well as heart and respiratory rates. It is in these stages of the NREM phase that dreams take place..

Following these four stages, the second phase of sleep takes place, the so-called REM phase, which lasts for approximately 20% of the sleep time. In it, rapid eye movements are observed behind the closed eyelids (hence the name of the phase), the muscle tone disappears and the heart and respiratory rate increases and is more irregular. Dreams also take place in the REM phase.

Can the meaning of dreams be considered real?

Many of the authors who have worked with him meaning of dreams, especially in psychotherapy, suggest that dreams usually have a meaning that is not identifiable many times with the naked eye and that, therefore, has to be discovered. His theory is that dreams are made up of numerous images and words with a metaphorical meaning (Pesant and Zadra, 2004; Hill, 2000), that is, the content that appears in the dream has a meaning for the person who dreams, however Due to the different functioning of the brain during wakefulness and sleep, this content is presented in a different way than what we are used to when we are awake, and therefore many times we do not know how to find a meaning.

For these authors there are two levels of dream meanings: the manifest content, which literally refers to what has been dreamed, and the latent content, which would be the interpretation we make of the dreamed. There is considerable consensus with the idea that many of our dreams that, as we have already said, tend to have a strong emotional charge, are related to events or situations that are important to us, worry us or scare us. This is why, as human beings, we have common concerns and fears that translate into dreams with similar content. Therefore, there are general interpretations of the meaning of dreaming about certain situations, objects, animals, phenomena, etc. that can help us give an approximate meaning to our dream.
However, it can be said that each person is different, so a personalized dream interpretation would be necessary to achieve greater accuracy..

Dream about snake

Who has not ever dreamed of snakes,  Not only is it unpleasant, it is usually the harbinger of problems brought on by cheating, betrayal or sex, all depending on how they dream of it.


They say that when a woman dreams of one or more snakes it means that soon said woman will suffer disappointments.

Dream of dead

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The meaning of dreams with the dead can be different. This dream usually happens to all those people who are undergoing hard emotional changes. It is not surprising that you wake up restless and upset from the nightmare, especially if a friend of yours, your partner or a close family member has recently passed away. You are more likely to have this dream if you are affective and sensitive; And in the event that you see that the dream begins to repeat itself to the point of frustrating you, we recommend that you go to a professional psychologist as soon as possible.

Over the years we dream of all kinds of elements, animals and circumstances, going through nightmares with animals such as dreaming that a snake bites you and other more pleasant ones such as dreaming of pregnancy, even having a dream with the dead. Many of them will make you uneasy, especially if you have low self-confidence. However, dreaming of a deceased person is very common if your partner, your grandmother or someone you were fond of has recently passed away..

On the other hand, if it is an old man who has had this dream, another meaning is associated with it, since in a way they are assuming death due to their high age or due to health problems. In this sense, it represents a reflective state in which the end of life is accepted, but it can also be related to overcoming a condition.

Dream about cats

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Dreams about cats are associated with a brave, spiritual and imaginative personality. However, when a cat bites you in the dream, it means that one or more people are trying to betray you, so you must be very careful. Felines are characterized by their strength and elegance, and that is why in our dreams they are a dreamlike element full of symbolism.

So what is the meaning of dreams about cats? It can actually be both positive and negative. According to the characteristics of the cat (black or white, alive or dead


), as well as your interaction with the animal, the interpretation can change a lot. In general, dreaming of a cat reflects the knowledge, learning and instinct of being
human. In addition, it symbolizes independence, since this pet does not need much attention, and also the rejection of "accepted" behaviors within a culture.

Cats are characterized by being self-sufficient, majestic, noble and very imaginative. But above all it is an honest animal, since it never hides its feelings. Therefore, dreaming about them is an indication that you long to be yourself openly, that you are tired of hiding your true personality in front of the people around you..

Some analysts interpret dreams with cats as a good omen that announces tranquility, harmony and fullness. A cat in dreams reveal your aspirations, those goals that you want to fulfill; but also your fears, those worries that terrify you inside. They are also associated with maternal love and divine protectionism. In fact, anciently, the Egyptians worshiped them because they thought that the brightness of their eyes protected man every night when Ra, the god who symbolized the Sun, retired to rest..

Dream of a wedding

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First of all, it is important that you think carefully about how the dream developed, since as we said, dreaming of weddings has many interpretations. Moreover, although this event is a cause of love and joy, oneirology analysts explain that a dream wedding is more likely to mean something negative than to be something positive..

However, don't jump to conclusions. Write down all the events that you remember in your dream, such as if it was a wedding of your own, a family member, your best friend or your ex. You should also take into account your marital status in real life, if you are single or married, since, for example, if you have plans to get married in the near future, the only meaning of the dream is related to your worries and stress because that day went perfectly.

Dreaming that a tooth falls out

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If you dream that you find a tooth it symbolizes that you feel happy, with confidence and self-esteem. On the contrary, the meaning of dreams of tooth loss has a totally different interpretation but depending on the circumstances and your behavior in the dream, the meaning will change completely. As we said above, a tooth or a fallen tooth in psychoanalysis is associated with a lack of self-confidence and the fear of failing or making a fool of yourself in front of others.

This feeling can be so intense that it can reach or affect you in any area of ​​your daily life such as meeting an acquaintance on the street, exposing a work in class or simply entering your workplace and feeling observed by your colleagues. Sometimes we do not realize it, but that introversion or fear of being a laughingstock are the reasons that lead you to have these nightmares.

However, there are other versions of this toothy dream with very different interpretations. Below we show you the most common cases in which the main element is your teeth and each of their meanings.

Dream that you fall

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Dreaming that you fall is something quite common, whether by slipping, falling into the void, down a ladder, on a mountain, from a window or in other places such as a bridge or a one-story terrace. Hence, each dream staging can have its meaning or interpretation related to different aspects of your life, from work or professional to love, through family or social, economic or friendly..

One fact to keep in mind is that dreaming of falling occurs more frequently among people who suffer from depression, which indicates a quite evident relationship between sinking psychologically and experiencing the sensation of falling in a dream..

We know that your dreams are unique. No one else can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Each dream connects with its own "reality ". Therefore, when interpreting them, it is important to put them in the context of your experiences and personal life..

Remember that a dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides knowledge about ourselves and means for exploring one's own personality. If you understand the meaning of dreams, you will have known and understood yourself a little better and you can get to know and improve aspects of your own personality..

Sweet dreams!

Summary Article Name Meaning of dreams: Dreams tell what we live Description The interpretation or meaning of dreams allows you to know yourself better and reflect on the situation you are experiencing. Dreaming of snakes, teeth, weddings, cats, falling ... the interpretation depends on many factors. Author Kristin Pardo Publisher Name The Cotton Cloud

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