Do dogs get bored of kibbles?

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Imagine the following: you come home, you serve your dog the feed croquettes, he runs towards you, approaches his plate, sniffs a little and then looks at you, without eating. ¿Has this happened to you? So you are most likely wondering if dogs get bored of kibbles.

Your dog's diet is crucial to his health and development, so if he refuses to eat, it's time to take action and find out what's going on. If you are facing a similar problem, then you cannot miss this article..

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Are croquettes boring



When you think that your dog eats the same thing every day, it is easy to imagine that he gets bored with the taste as we humans do. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that canine taste buds They are not as developed as those of people, and that, in the wild, the flavors that the dogs taste are not very varied either.

Taking this into account, ¿why doesn't a dog want to eat kibble? In the first instance, it is necessary rule out any disease, either physical or mental, since lack of appetite is a sign of various ailments.

If you have gone to the vet and your dog is healthy, then it is time to keep an eye on the food. More than getting bored, There are 3 main reasons why your pet rejects the feed:

  • You have accustomed it to the taste of your food
  • The food you provide is of poor quality
  • The diet is based solely on feed

The first of these reasons, accustoming the dog to the taste of your food, is very common if you are a person who, in addition to feed, usually offers the remains of what you prepare or you succumb to the temptation to throw chunks of food at him when you're eating. This not only creates bad habits for the dog, but it can be harmful to him, since the food that people eat includes levels of salt, fats, seasonings and other ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

The quality of commercial feed It is also very important, since poor quality food not only has a different taste, but also lacks the necessary ingredients to provide your pet with the nutrients his body requires. Finally, a diet entirely based on feed is not ideal for a balanced diet, it will always be necessary to offer some treats based on other foods.

What to do if your dog does not want to eat his kibble?

The first thing you should do is check feed components that you give to your dog. Think that they are carnivorous animals, so the dry food you give them cannot be made with corn as the main ingredient. If the one you offer is like this, it means that it is of poor quality. Look for a brand that includes higher percentage of meat, This will not only give you a more pleasant taste, but it will also include the nutrients you need and will have lower amounts of fat..

Regarding the flavor of the feed, surely you have noticed that the market includes presentations of meat, fish and chicken, to name the most common. However, for dogs this is not really important, what is relevant is that the proportion of animal protein is higher than the rest of the ingredients.

The next step is stop giving him your food, either while you cook or when you eat, as these stronger flavors are a temptation for the dog, but you are offering amounts of salt and other components that will only be harmful to him. The first few days this will be difficult, but you can reward him with some treats for dogs, pieces of ham or other recommended natural recipes when you finish eating..

If despite the change of feed your dog refuses to eat it, go to the vet to rule out diseases on the gums and teeth, it is possible that, if there is a dental problem, the dog will find it painful to bite the pellets of the feed.

If your dog is found to be fine after the review, evaluate the possibility of feed him with homemade food for dogs. There are different recipes for this type of food, you should consult with your veterinarian about the most recommended "formula " according to the age, breed and nutritional needs of your dog. A valid option is also alternate feed with homemade food, but never serve both types of food at the same time, as it would cause digestive problems for your pet. You can alternate one of the types of food twice a week or offer it at the end of the day as a snack.

Moisten the feed with water or natural chicken broth it is also an option to offer it in a different and attractive way. Of course, it should never contain salt, garlic or onion.

Remember, also, that it is best to establish a schedule for mealss rather than just filling the container for the day, while fresh water should be available at all times. Similarly, sudden feeding changes are not recommended either, they should be introduced progressively and observe the dog's reactions before continuing..

Do not forget that, before any negative reaction or doubt, you must go to your vet to advise you correctly taking into account the specific needs of your dog.

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