Can dogs eat green grapes or raisins?

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Whether as an extra in home diets or as an occasional treat, many people opt for offering fruits and vegetables to their dogs. However, there are some foods that should never be offered as they can cause poisoning or serious health problems.

¿You want to know if dogs can eat green grapes or raisins? ¿They are toxic? ¿What can happen if our dog has eaten one? In this new AnimalWised article we will solve all your doubts, taking into account several scientific studies.

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  1. Why should dogs not eat grapes?
  2. My dog ​​has eaten a grape, is it serious?
  3. Grape poisoning in dogs
  4. Are there other foods that dogs cannot eat?
  5. Vegetables and fruits good for dogs

Why should dogs not eat grapes?

The common grapes (Vitis vinifera) fall into the list of foods that we should never offer to our. Even though many studies ensure the toxicity of grapes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] the truth is that the exact toxic mechanism is unknown.

It is not possible to be sure which is the harmful component (which could also be found in variable amounts), the exact dose that a dog should consume or if there is an extrinsic product that is not always present. For this reason, any dose is considered a problem for dog health.

In addition to causing intoxication, the consumption of this fruit causes a higher concentration of blood urea nitrogen and / or serum creatinine, which in turn can cause acute kidney failure [1].

My dog ​​has eaten a grape, is it serious?

In the absence of conclusive results on the mechanism of toxicity of grapes, it is not possible to know exactly whether a single grape is potentially harmful or not. Each individual, in addition, can react more or less exaggerated to the same amount.

Here are some results after the consumption of grapes in dogs: a dog developed renal insufficiency weighing only 2.8 milligrams per kilogram [1], while another was euthanized after consuming 4.7 grams for each kilogram of weight [5]. On the other hand, between 4 and 5 grapes caused a kidney failure in an 8.2 kilogram dachshund [5].

Grape poisoning in dogs

Symptoms of grape poisoning in dogs begin to manifest after 6 hours of consumption and never after 24 hours of ingestion. The most common signs are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia (the dog does not eat)
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Lethargy
  • Traces of grapes in stool
  • Traces of grapes in vomit
  • Polydipsia (excessive thirst)

If you suspect that your dog has grape poisoning, we recommend go to the vet from the emergency room, which can begin to perform different tests to ensure that the dog has been intoxicated.

To begin with, the vet will assess whether the dog has kidney failure, the most obvious sign. In addition, the tests performed should show elevated urea and creatinine, oliguria or anuria, proteinuria, glycosuria, microscopic hematuria, and occasionally even crystalluria [5]. The prognosis for dogs with oliguria or anuria is poor [2].

The treatment To be applied in case of grape poisoning in dogs will depend on the symptoms shown by the animal. They are generally used emetics to induce vomiting and / or absorbents, how can be the use of activated carbon.

Are there other foods that dogs cannot eat?

¿There are other forbidden fruits for dogs? ¿Can they eat cherries or tangerines? The truth is that it is better to avoid them. There are several prohibited foods for dogs that it is advisable not to offer, such as onion, chocolate or macadamia nuts. Although in some cases they do not cause death or serious pathologies, they can cause diarrhea and malaise.

Vegetables and fruits good for dogs

Now that you know the foods that you should never offer your dog, it is time to discover new ingredients that yes you can add to your diet. There are several vegetables and fruits recommended for dogs, although for daily consumption you should always bet on vegetables, since fruits contain a lot of sugar.

Among all the fruits and vegetables we can highlight the sweet potato, the cooked potatoes, the pumpkin or the carrot, popular for its many benefits and uses. On the other hand, apple, melon or watermelon are very healthy and will help you hydrate in the hottest times..

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