Can dogs eat tomato?

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Tomatoes are a classic of traditional Spanish cuisine and are used for all kinds of dishes, such as salads or stir-fries, among others. This fruit (which is generally confused with a vegetable) offers us many health benefits, as it has a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamins, however, ¿dogs can eat tomato or is it harmful to their health? Many tutors ask this same question and due to the many contradictions that exist on the web, it is important to know what the science really says about it.

Find out in this AnimalWised article if dogs can really eat tomato or not, how to offer it and many other tips for guardians who do not know if this ingredient is part or not of the forbidden dog food, keep reading:

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  1. Can dogs eat tomato?
  2. Benefits of tomato for dogs
  3. How to give tomato to a dog?

Can dogs eat tomato?

It is vital that when we inquire about the feeding the dogs, Let us use proven sources that guarantee the veracity of their content, either through professional figures or verified studies. Tomato is one of the foods that suffers the most from misinformation errors, being usually on the lists of toxic and harmful foods, but ¿That's right?

¿Tomato is toxic to dogs?

We must know that ripe seedless tomato is NOT harmful for dogs, on the contrary, it is a nutritious and healthy food, which provides vitamins, minerals, fruits, antioxidants and a high water content. As a result of all this, it helps to strengthen the immune system, helps prevent certain health problems and keeps the dog's body well hydrated..

However, it is important to note that green tomatoes have a chemical compound called glycoalkaloid that can be harmful to dogs, so if you wonder if dogs can eat green tomatoes, the answer is NO, as it can cause diarrhea, gas, and even vomiting. In the most serious cases, when the dog ingests a large quantity, various symptoms of poisoning may appear.

The same compound that we have mentioned is also present in most of the green parts of the plant (Lycopersicon spp ), such as leaves or stems. Therefore, the dog should never eat green tomatoes or the green parts of the tomato plant, only ripe, seedless tomatoes. In this way, if you have a garden at home, make sure to limit its access to the plant..

Benefits of tomato for dogs

Ripe tomatoes contain natural antioxidants, such as vitamin C, that fight free radicals in the dog's body. This is especially beneficial for older dogs, as it helps delay the onset of aging symptoms and helps generate a stable metabolism. They also contain Vitamin A and B complexes, which act on the immune system and can help prevent certain common diseases in dogs. Thus, the tomato becomes an excellent ally for the dog's eye health and skin problems.

On the other hand, for its high fiber content, It has a beneficial impact on the digestive process of the dog, promoting intestinal transit and helping to avoid constipation in dogs. Finally, it should be noted that it also offers an excellent supply of water, avoiding dehydration and avoiding the appearance of urinary system problems. The consumption of this type of food, rich in liquids, has a diuretic and cleansing effect in the dog's body, helping to eliminate toxins and promoting good kidney activity.

How to give tomato to a dog?

Dogs can eat raw, natural and red tomato, always without seeds, whether we are talking about a cherry tomato or another variety, such as ox heart or kumato. In addition, we remember the importance of wash well fruits and vegetables before offering them to our dog. Let us not forget either that this type of food cannot in any case become the basis of the dog's diet, since these animals need a high intake of high-quality proteins and fats that prevent the development of nutritional deficiencies in the dog..

In any case, we will offer a moderate amount accompanying their homemade recipes, always remembering that the approximate percentage of fruits and vegetables should not exceed 10% or 15% of the total food in each intake. We can cut the tomato into small pieces and mix them with the complete recipe.

¿Dogs can eat fried tomato?

In this case, it will depend on the type of fried tomato. If we talk about a homemade natural tomato sauce, without salt, garlic or onion, we will not have any problem. However, commercial tomato sauce contains a high percentage of preservatives and artificial additives that are not recommended for our best friends and that can even cause digestive problems. In this case, we can prepare the sauce by crushing the tomatoes, straining to remove the seeds and making a tasty stir-fry with some type of chicken or beef, for example.

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